About Laquel

Who is this Laquel person anyway?? Good question! It’s always good to get a sense of who your photographer is and if the two of you will connect. Heck, your photographer may be taking pictures of you in your undies if you’re scheduling a boudoir session. It’s kinda nice to know them a wee bit before hand.

I’m Laquel (think Raquel but with an L). I’m a photographer, animal lover, travel junkie and overall friendly person 🙂 I love taking pictures and my goal is to bring out your inner sexy, totally hot self. Yes, I have a fun job!

Some fun faqs about me:

  • I love animals of all kinds (my boyfriend and I have 3 cats. Yes, 3)
  • I love to travel and try to take one big trip a year (I’ve totally got my boyfriend hooked too!)
  • I have a sweet tooth (I <3 warm fudgey brownies and gummy bears!)
  • I don’t drink coffee but I’m a total tea addict (though I’ve never gotten into Earl Grey. I’m just weird like that)
  • I’m fun and very low key and I can chat a mile a minute if I’m not careful. It’s an east coast thing.

I am based in Oakland, but I work all around the San Francisco Bay Area. If you’re local and would like to set up a session, I’m always available by email at laquel@laquelwright.com or you can give me a call at 510.388.0759. Talk to you soon!