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I can’t wait to provide you with luxury portrait session that you will cherish forever.

At Laquel Wright Photography, the studio is not just a space for creating breathtaking images; it’s a haven where the exceptional beauty of every woman is not only recognized but celebrated.

At the core of my philosophy is the unwavering belief that every woman, regardless of age, size, or societal norms, possesses an inherent, unparalleled beauty that deserves to exist in photographs.

I promise to not just capture moments but to craft an experience that is as exquisite and unique as you are. From the moment you step into the studio, my commitment is to provide a space where your individuality is honored, your story is told with authenticity, and your journey is celebrated in each frame. It’s not just photography; it’s a testament to the magnificence that is uniquely, beautifully you.

Boudoir image of woman with long hair laying on steps wearing black lingerie looking at camera

Your Portrait Experience Includes:

Initial Zoom Consultation

During your consultation we’ll chat about your vision and what you are looking to achieve with your session. I’ll go over the entire process with you so you are totally prepared and excited to have the ultimate photography experience!

Wardrobe Consultation and Styling

As part of your photography experience you have a complementary wardrobe styling session where we’ll discuss what outfits, colors and styles will go best with your vision. You’ll get a step by step guide on how to prepare and we’ll put together a game plan for all your fabulous looks for the session.

Professional Hair and Makeup

On the day of your photoshoot you’ll get the queen treatment and will be expertly styled from head to toe with one of my amazing makeup artists! And yes, the ladies I work with are experts in all skin tones and shades as we work with a diverse set of clients. You will look AMAZING!

Multiple Outfit Changes

You’ll love having various looks in your session so based on the wardrobe options we discuss you’ll have multiple outfits changes during your session. And not to worry, if you’re not into lingerie that’s cool! Boudoir and portrait clients love being photographed in all sorts of things! From dresses, to jeans and a t-shirt, to lingerie, to absolutely nothing. We can do whatever outfits inspire YOU!

Fully Guided Photoshoot

Today’s the day! Honey, all you need to do is show up and I’ll take it from there. After your makeup and styling is complete I’ll guide you through the photoshoot every step of the way! You will have a blast as you rock out to your favorite tunes and I capture images that are going to knock your socks off!

Expert Posing

And dont worry about “not knowing how to pose”. I’ll guide you through all the poses and stances that will show off your fabulous self.

High End Retouching

All of your images are professionally retouched and perfected! Your images will be ready for Vogue baby!

Viewing and Ordering Session

At your viewing session you’ll be able to choose your favorite images and what albums and wall arts you want to display all your gorgeous photographs! Not sure how and where to display your art? Don’t worry! I’ll give you a ton of inspiration and we’ll pick the art that works for you!

Image Delivery

The big day! I’ll send you a gallery of your final edited images if you’ve had a headshot session or will hand deliver your album and wall art to you for your boudoir session! I can’t wait to see the look on your face as you see the final results!!

Black and white boudoir image of woman laying on couch with eyes closed

Laquel is just the best! She’s a talented photographer and a really lovely person. I’ve never done a shoot like this before — where I’m in full glam and the center of attention — but she made me feel so at ease that my inexperience never seemed like an obstacle. My creative input was honored, she accommodated my disability with ease, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Laquel’s work really let my inner light shine through.


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