The first question everyone asks after they book their boudoir photo shoot. We’ll tell you exactly where to look for the outfit of your dreams!

So you booked your boudoir photo shoot, YES GIRL!

If you’re like most ladies your next thought is, “Now I need to buy a sexy boudoir outfit or two!”

Knowing where to buy sexy lingerie is not something everyone secretly knows so naturally the next step is to do a little internet searching. That’s where we come in.

We here at Laquel Wright Photography wanted to help you in your search for where to buy boudoir outfits and these will undoubtedly heat things up the more you take off!

Below you’ll find a current list in alphabetical order of our favorite places we recommend femmes on where to buy boudoir outfits! 

Agent Provocateur

Luxury Brand Lingerie

Woman standing wearing black and pink lingerie from Agent Provocateur
Image via Agent Provocateur

You really can’t go wrong shopping from a boudoir shop that describes itself as “A world of love, fantasy, exploration & exhilaration.”

This British brand is known for high-quality lingerie that puts a playful spin on classic pieces. 

We love the feminine touch on the Agent Provocateur statement pieces! 


Inexpensive, fast shipping

Image of pink and lace robe and panty set along side black lace set
Image via Amazon

I know what you’re thinking, “Boudoir Outfits on Amazon?!”

Believe me when I say, you can find an amazing array of boudoir outfits at a cost that is within your budget!

With fast shipping and easy returns, shopping on Amazon is a clear winner for one of the best places to shop for boudoir outfits! 

Anya Lust

Black + Women-Owned, Whimsical Designs

Woman with long hair walking along beach in long pink robe with intricate sleeves
Image via Anya Lust

Do you want your boudoir photos to toe the line between sexy and magical?

We’ll give you a hint: Yes! Yes, you do! 

You’re in luck! Anya Lust is a black women-owned luxury lingerie brand that will sweep you away with the dreamiest boudoir outfits for your photo shoot!

There are boudoir lingerie options for those who want to leave little to the imagination and options for those who want to feel like a mysterious but luxurious princess. 

Dita Von Teese

Retro Vintage Styles

retro image of woman with black hair in baby blue lingerie set with blue hat leaning against red car
Image via Dita Von Teese

What if I told you that you could shop retro pin-up style boudoir outfits from a designer that has worked with Christian Dior, Catherine D’Lish and Christian Louboutin among others? 

Now, what if I told you these sexy designer lingerie styles are also affordable? 

It was a no-brainer to add this shop to our list of places to buy boudoir outfits! 


Boutique styles varying from classy to saucy with Plus Sizes available

Women kneeling in field with sheer nude robe
image via Wild Clementine (on Etsy)

Everything you could ever hope to find – and more – for your perfect boudoir photo shoot can be found on Etsy! 

The piece pictured above is from the Etsy shop LeahMariaCoutureShop which carries custom-made dresses, maternity gowns, and wings, among other boutique lingerie items.

A simple “Boudoir Clothing” search on Etsy can pull up a variety of styles to match the mood you want to bring!


Black + Women Owned

Black woman with braids standing against flowering plants wearing gold and brown lingerie set
Image via Ihuoma

Described as Luxury Lingerie for Goddesses, Ihuoma is a black women-owned lingerie line. 

We love how Ihuoma describes themselves, so we’ll let them do the talking here, “Symbolising vivacious, loving energy, Ihuoma was created to envelope the wearer as a second skin, creating sensual dancing patterns over skin, like a sacred tattoo, enhancing natural skin tones.”

Wearing lingerie from Ihuoma will knock your boudoir photos out of the park and we say that’s a good thing!

Kiss Me Deadly

Retro Styles

Retro style image of two women one standing in black lingerie and one sitting wearing white lingerie
Image via Kiss Me Deadly

This fun retro-style lingerie brand will give your boudoir photos a classy but flirty touch.

Channel your Mrs. Maisel vibes and let yourself feel inspired to wear these lingerie outfits again and again! 

La Perla

Timeless, Elegant Pieces

Image of woman wearing blue and tan lingerie set
Image via La Perla

When you’re looking for where to buy boudoir outfits definitely consider La Perla!

If you are someone who prefers to create classic and timeless boudoir photos, La Perla has great options from panties to bralettes!

Have fun and mix and match your pieces or take it easy and shop for a lingerie set. 

Savage X Fenty

Many Size Options, Owned by Rihanna

Image of plus size woman colorful black and multi-colored lingerie
Image via Savage X Fenty

Owned by Rihanna, Savage X Fenty is a well-known lingerie brand.

But did you know that they carry a wide range of sizes and colors?!

We love how affordable and trendy these lingerie styles are and think they make a perfect option for your sexy boudoir outfits!

Suzy Black NYC

Black + Women Owned

Image of woman standing facing wall with braid wearing white halter top lingerie
Image via Suzy Black NYC

Last but definitely not least is Suzy Black NYC!

Produced right in the heart of NYC, this brand is a 100% locally sourced and ethically made luxury lingerie brand. 

As if that’s not awesome enough, this brand is on a mission to invite women of all variations – minority, moms, alternative, curvy – to be reimagined as dream girls. 

We think that’s worth applauding! 

And even more so we think that’s worth saying, “Add to cart!”

Keep your eye on this shop as they are always in the process of adding more sizes, too.

Best Places to Buy Boudoir Outfits

TL;DR? There are so many options when you’re looking for the perfect place to buy a boudoir outfit:

We encourage you to shop from any and all of the above shops but don’t be afraid to explore beyond the list here. 

Shopping for a boudoir photo shoot outfit doesn’t have to be difficult, make it fun! 

Consider ordering from a few different stores and then doing an at-home fashion show to see which styles and outfits make you feel absolutely amazing – those are the ones you’ll want for your boudoir photo shoot!