In this day and age, pretty much everything is digital. Between iPhones, tablets, and laptops, everything can be updated as itʼs happening. Although I love being able to share photos Iʼve taken through Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, it will never be the same as a printed photograph. A picture thatʼs nicely framed and printed out just demands more of an appreciation than that blurry picture with red-eye that was snapped at last nightʼs party and posted to Facebook within 3 minutes. While Iʼm sure youʼd all love to have a professional photographer following you around to catch great candid and posed photos of your fabulous life, thatʼs not exactly everyoneʼs reality. What I can show you, though, is both traditional and creative ways of showing off moments you want to give more than Facebook credit to.

Framing is the easiest way to change the look of not only the picture, but also the decor in a room. If you want something classic and elegant, a solid color like black is probably the best way to go. On the other hand, bright, and colorful frames give off a fun and laid back vibe.

One simple fix is to not only put the photograph into a frame, but also include matting in the frame. It gives the print a grander feel, and really draws the eye in to focus on the picture. See the difference?

Another creative fashion to show all your favorite moments is to arrange them in a timeline fashion along a big, blank wall. If you have a long hallway, or empty space in an open staircase, these are the perfect places to arrange large amounts of pictures in chronological order, without having them appear cluttered. Also, with your travel photography include something besides the photo that is from that location. For instance, use an artsy frame from that small town you stumbled across, or throw in a handful of the sand from the beach.

The type of photo also determines where and how it should be displayed. For instance, if you have a sultry boudoir shoot that was a present for your significant other, it might be wiser to keep that nude shot of yourself in the bedroom rather than in the entrance to your home. Whereas travel and family photography are perfectly suited for living rooms, and foyers.

A favorite display of mine is capturing yourself, friends, and family eating different types of cuisines from the different countries, or states youʼve visited appropriately hung in dining areas. What better way to enjoy a meal than to look around you and see what else youʼve indulged in?

Decor is really up to you and your personal style, but while getting thirty-seven “likes” on a Facebook photo can be exciting, it doesnʼt hold a flame to good quality and properly displayed photos that turn a house into a home.