You are going to love this boudoir playlist that I created for my clients and that I’m sharing with you today!

Person laying on pink background wearing light pink headphones
Photo by Elice Moore on Unsplash

Let me set the scene… You just popped out of the dressing room in your most revealing clothing feeling a little out of place. 

You sit down to be pampered while a hair and makeup artist makes you look and feel glam.

In your hand is an ice cold glass of bubbly and everything should be great.

There’s just one thing that doesn’t seem right. It takes you a minute to realize what it is and once you do you can’t stop thinking about it.

The quiet is deafening.

All at once your nerves start to gather in your stomach and you start to question whether or not this was the right decision. 

Before you know it you find yourself spiraling and wanting to just run away.

Now, let me paint a much different picture. One that isn’t far off from our original story but with one major detail changed. 

You sit down ready to be fully done up. You’re eager to have your hair and makeup done and can’t wait to look as badass as you feel.

You’re sipping your glass of refreshing sparkling wine and you’re in your happy place.

Everything feels right.

Your photographer has the best boudoir playlist playing loud and it’s setting the tone for the next hour or so of your life.

As each song comes on you are tapping, humming and sometimes outright singing along. You are dancing internally and maybe out loud, too. (Much encouraged!)

You feel lighter, happier, more at ease. 

You see, the perfect boudoir playlist can make or break your session. 

In that first example, you wanted to run out screaming.

In the second scenario, you are a Queen ready to throw down.

Music is everything and that’s why I’ve loved creating this boudoir playlist for my clients.

Boudoir photography should be fun and not stiff. 

It should lift you up.

You should feel yourself coming more alive as the boudoir photo shoot goes on, not internally counting the minutes until you can put jeans back on. (You know it’s bad when you can’t wait to put jeans on).

With the right boudoir playlist you will forget your senses and let go of anxiety and fear. You’ll embrace the flow of art and sensuality and your photos will thank you for it.

I’m sure you’ve looked back on photos of yourself where you’re forcing a smile – or worse, when you weren’t smiling at all.

Even though that moment is frozen in time within that picture, instinctually it takes you back there. 

Just like when you can hear a song and connect it to past memories, simply looking at past photos can recall those emotions.

And that’s why I’m sharing this playlist with you. So you can listen wherever you are, and for whatever you’re doing that you need a little boost of serotonin. 

I promise you can’t help but sing along to these jams. 

So put my boudoir playlist on, feel your best damn self, and know the next time you hear these songs they will pump you up with the reminder that you are a confident beauty who has got everything it takes to rule the world, one song at a time. 

And when you are looking for a Boudoir Photographer in Atlanta, reach out to me! I’d love to help you create the photoshoot of your dreams, complete with the powerhouse boudoir playlist to help you rock those photos!