So winter weather snuck up on us…again. And I don’t mean the “winter weather” where you can wear scarves with your adorable leather jacket and fingerless gloves. I mean Winter Weather. Layers, gloves, hats, down jackets–when bundling up is the only fashion trend you can fathom. While it’s awesome to be inside by the fire and gearing up for the holidays, it’s no secret this season can do some serious damage to your hair and skin. To keep yourself glowing like you were all summer, check out some of our beauty lifesavers to keep you afloat during the harsh winter.

Kiehl's Face Serum

For Your Face:

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Oil has a lot of magic packed into this tiny bottle. Just a few drops before bed will rescue dehydrated skin. Not only will you get to fall asleep to the lovely smell of lavender and primrose, but you’ll wake up with baby soft skin. Stocking stuffer anyone?


Body Polish by Fresh

For Your Body:

Rough elbows? Dry legs? No more itching and scratching at irritated dry skin, a decadent body scrub 3-4 times a week can keep you perfect and polished. The Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish has real brown sugar crystals (yum!), and natural oils to help you buff away dry skin and rehydrate simultaneously. With it’s natural ingredients, and 24 hour moisturizing effects, this pick has been a favorite of beauty experts for years.


Moroccan Oil

For Your Hair:

Thanks to the fact that there’s basically zero moisture in the air, your lovely locks are already at risk of drying out and becoming more coarse and fragile. Add on any blow drying or styling tools you might be using and you’re just asking for split ends. To add moisture to your hair without weighing it down or getting a greasy finish, the Moroccan Oil Treatment is a great pick for all hair types to leave it weightless and full of shine. Even better, you can also get the Dry Scalp Treatment serum from the same line. Now you’ll have shiny and healthy hair, and a flake free scalp!

Lip Balm

For Your Lips:

Lipstick and lipgloss are fabulous for a night out, but what good is lip color if it’s going over cracked lips? Keep your smooching powers by hydrating with the EOS (Evolution of Smooth) Lip Balm which is made from 95% organic ingredients. And it’s unique spheric design which isn’t your typical lip-balm-shape is much easier to grab a hold of when rummaging through your purse.

Hand Healer Lotion


For your Hands and Nails:

Even when you’re wearing gloves or mittens, your hands usually get the worst of the winter blues. Cracked knuckles, dry cuticles, it’s a mess. For this one, we’re bringing in Jack Black’s Industrial Strength Hand Healer. It not only heals damage that’s already done, but is also infused with vitamins A and E which is great for maintaining your skin’s health for younger looking hands all year round. Whether you’re using it on your cuticles, knuckles, or anywhere really, it has a non-greasy formula so you won’t be left feeling you you just rubbed a stick of butter on yourself.

Take that winter! What are your beauty secrets for surviving the next few months?