If you’re new here you may be wondering what the point of boudoir photography is. Lucky for you, I have all the answers! I’m going to share some of the top reasons to have a boudoir shoot!

You’ve likely stumbled on this blog post in an effort to sway your curious brain as to why you should or shouldn’t dive into a boudoir shoot of your own.

And spoiler alert: I totally think you SHOULD be booking your boudoir shoot right this moment.

Read on for the top 5 reasons to do a boudoir shoot in 2022! 

Celebrate yourself at all life stages

black and white image of african american boudoir client with braids showing reasons to have boudoir shoot
There are a million reasons to have a boudoir shoot!

Have you ever found yourself sorting through old photo albums and before you know it you’ve spent 2 hours going down memory lane, marveling at just how good you looked?

You are sitting on the floor, pictures and papers everywhere, and you are just lost in the moment.

I bet as you were looking through these old photos, you couldn’t help but smile. 

These moments easily make us miss the past and wish we could relive them.

Instantly you’re transported back to that season of life.

You want to remember how good you felt at that moment.

The spark you once had feels like it’s long gone and you yearn to experience it again.

Hey, we all do it, it’s okay! 

But that is the very reason why you should consider a boudoir shoot right now. 

Rather than wistfully looking back at old photos and wishing you embraced yourself more in that season, why don’t you take control right now and treat yourself to boudoir photos at this very moment in your life? 

You will never again be younger than you are right now. 

And while we celebrate sexy women at any and every age, we want YOU to do the same! 

Take this moment and push that fear out of your head and dive into an experience that you’ll never forget. 

Because no matter what happens in the future, you’ll always be glad you have beautiful sexy photos of yourself to look back on. 

Embrace your body, uncover your beauty

You don’t have to completely strip down to take photos that will blow you away.

But you can.

The truth is when you have boudoir photos taken you’re going to really feel into yourself.

You’re going to see yourself in a whole new way.

When you see your photos you’re going to realize how completely breathtaking you are.

And more than that, your inner beauty is going to shine through in remarkable ways.

You’ll start to feel your attitude and confidence shift. 

Suddenly, you’re saying yes to plans, you’re taking extra steps to feel like your best self, and you stop caring what other people think.

When you get to this level of empowerment, there’s no stopping you, babe. 

And if you ask me, that’s all the reasons to have a boudoir shoot that you need.

But I’ll give you some other reasons.

You deserve to be pampered

When was the last time you got totally dolled up?

Makeup and hair done? The works.

If you’re married, it was probably your wedding.

If you’re not married, maybe it was someone else’s wedding.

You deserve to be pampered more than just on special days that happen once every so often.

Getting to glam yourself up with bold sexy makeup and hair and having it captured on camera, is a top reason to have a boudoir shoot. 

After all, whenever you do, don’t you feel freaking amazing afterward?

Don’t you want to keep your makeup on and your hair done for as long as possible?

If you’ve ever slept in your updo with hopes that in the morning you can get a day two out of your well-spent money, then I know you can relate.

Do you understand that you are worthy of feeling that good whenever you want?

You will never regret the days you treat yourself and your confidence will take those feel-good vibes and elevate you to new levels of happiness for the days and months that follow. 

Boudoir, the gift that keeps giving

You can and absolutely should take boudoir photos for yourself.

But another popular reason to do a boudoir shoot is to gift the photos.

Need a groom’s gift? You can’t think of a better one than this, I promise you that.

Married and need an anniversary gift? That’s a pretty great reason to do a boudoir shoot!

Especially on a milestone anniversary date. 

And we think you’ll agree that gifting your significant other with boudoir photos will help keep the spice in your relationship! 

Imagine the surprise on their face when they open up an album of all your boudoir photos. 

Do it for you, but do it for them, too. Trust us.

Did someone say shopping?

While you don’t need a boudoir photoshoot as an excuse to go shopping, we do think it’s a pretty fun excuse!

The thing is if you’re like most women you’re probably not buying sexy lingerie on a regular basis. 

We get it, babe, comfy is a mood. 

But you can’t deny that getting glammed up, feeling sexy, and sipping bubbly is a nice shake-up to the regular routine of your comfiest sweatpants. 

The greatest thing is, unlike that bridesmaid dress in your closet, you can definitely wear these outfits again and again. And we think you’ll want to. 

There are so many directions you can go with your lingerie shopping, classy to spicy, fantasy to surreal and everything in between. And a great reason to have a boudoir shoot is to show off all those fabulous outfits!

If you need help getting started, check out our blog post Best Places to Shop for Sexy Boudoir Outfits.

Do it for you

Finally, whatever reason to do a boudoir shoot you have — whether it’s these or another reason — are the only reasons you need.

You don’t have to justify your desire to feel your sexiest self and have it documented for years to come!

Whatever makes you feel good, that’s the most important reason.
If you find yourself in the Atlanta area looking for a Boudoir Photographer, reach out to me today! I’d love to help you create the photoshoot of your dreams.