There are a lot of reasons on the internet as to why you should have professional photos taken for your business. Pages and pages of a quick search will reveal many people encouraging you to have professional headshots if you’re looking to advance your career.

But what no one seems to be talking about is having personal professional pictures *just because you want to.*

Where’s the fan club for ladies who want to look and feel their best and have the photos to document that season of their life? Not to post on LinkedIn or their website specifically. But personal pictures that make you feel damn good for the simple reason that you deserve to have professional photos of yourself!

So listen up, if your high school senior portrait was your last professional picture, we need to talk.

Picture me as your high school cheer captain and I’m holding the bullhorn.

I have a lot to say and it starts with Y-O-U!

I want to encourage you to have those personal professional pictures taken, so I’m giving you 5 reasons why you should jump on this right now. L-E-T-S G-O!

Reason #1: High-Quality Photography

This reason speaks for itself, but let me elaborate.

Your iPhone can take amazing pictures, but that’s only going to get you halfway there.

Working with a professional photographer means you’re getting the highest quality pictures. We take the time to make sure your lighting is *chefs kiss.* 

You’re getting a soft yet clear photograph that makes your skin look like a million bucks. And we have the attention to details and close up shots that let’s be honest, you can’t get with a selfie.

After your shoot we’re going to take your photos and sprinkle in some magic pixie dust that is going to make your photos magazine worthy. All the beautiful lighting and moodiness is going to pop, putting that pretty little iPhone to shame.

Want a bonus? You’ll even have the option to receive prints or albums of your photos so that you can hang onto them forever. No more getting lost in the digital abyss. See ya later, iCloud storage is full. 

Reason #2: You’ll Love the Way You Look

Nothing is worse than having your photo taken, whether, by someone you know or even yourself, and feeling like you looked incredible, but the camera makes you think maybe you don’t really know what you look like.

There’s a lot more to personal professional pictures than just a nice camera.

An experienced professional photographer knows how to pose you so that the camera is catching all your best angles, emphasizing your favorite features and of course, we’re sensitive to the parts of you that you don’t want to highlight, too.

You can twist yourself like a pretzel trying to take your own photos at home but even the slightest adjustment can change so much and this is where having a professional photographer makes all the difference.

We’re actively looking behind the camera while you’re doing your thing and we can tell you which direction to lean, where to put your arms, and give you overall posing tips.

If you think about it, we want you to look good because then we look good, so we’re going to take the most amazing photos ever and that’s confidence you can’t have with just anyone behind the camera.

Reason #3: Boost Your Confidence

Speaking of confidence. 

We say this all the time, but having boudoir photos or personal professional pictures taken is going to make you feel like a Boss Ass Bitch. You’ll even make Rebecca Welton proud.

It’s just the truth.

You’re going to love your photos so much you’re going to want to post them everywhere and show everyone.

And we love that for you!

When you’re feeling your best, you can slip into a delicious flow and let that radiate all the areas of your life.

It’s the same reason career growth experts will tell you to get dressed as if you’re going into the office, even when you’re working from home. That subtle little change can shift your mind into standing a little taller, feeling more productive, and confidently facing each aspect of your day.

The same is true when you have personal professional pictures taken. You will see yourself not as you feel, but as you are. A beautiful, confident, sexy lady who can do literally anything she puts her mind to!

Reason #4: It’s Time for an Update

You’re going to want to look back on your life and reminisce. If the last professional photos you have are the senior photos still hanging on your parents living room wall in their original frame, *ahem, collecting dust* then it’s definitely time to update those.

You want to be able to have a catalog of your years. Not just your earliest days of youth before you had adult stress like car insurance and grocery shopping.

Life looks different now and that’s not a bad thing. 

It’s time to appreciate how far you’ve come!

And I think you’ll be surprised when you see your pictures, how much you love yourself even in this current season of your life, whatever that may look like for you.

Reason #5: Because it’s Fun.

*SHOUTING REALLY LOUDLY THROUGH THAT BULLHORN* You don’t always need a reason to do something other than pure enjoyment!

Having personal professional pictures taken can be such a fun time! You get to pamper yourself, having your makeup and hair done, manicure, pedicure, you get to shop for new cute outfits, and you get time to yourself to do something really cool.

You are unique and you deserve to capture this season, right here, right now. 

And having fun is linked to all sorts of positive health benefits. So, W-I-N. W-I-N.

Enjoy yourself, make it a birthday tradition or a party with your friends where everyone has their pictures taken.

Whatever feels good to you.

That’s the only reason you really need!

I hope that you’re now inspired to update the last personal professional picture you ever had to something in this decade. You are worth it, babe.

If you’re in the Atlanta, GA area looking for a professional boudoir photographer, reach out to me! I’d love to connect with you and help you update your photos with something current and beautiful.


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