I usually like to do at least one lingerie post a week, but today we’re going to focus on something besides pretty lingerie pictures or how to put together an amazing outfit for your next boudoir shoot. Today, we’re going to talk about bra sizing.

I went out with a lingerie friend of mine last week, who asked what my bra size was. She promptly informed me that just by looking, she could tell I was mostly likely wearing the wrong size bra. Luckily, she politely invited me in for a fitting after that so I can fix the problem!

So how do you know if you’re wearing the wrong bra size, and how do you go about finding the right one?

First, let’s go over some common problems you’ll find when you’re wearing the wrong bra size.

1. Your bra band rides up your back.

2. Your breasts spill out over the cups, giving you that lovely quadraboob that we all covet.

3. Your breasts spill out the bottom of the cups.

4. The underwires on your bra cut into you uncomfortably.

If any of these sound like you, you need to get fitted for a new bra. If you live near a good lingerie boutique, go there and ask for a fitting. If the idea of strangers staring at your breasts makes you nervous, try this calculator over at A Sophisticated Pair. It’s not a substitute for an in-store fitting, but it will definitely give you a good starting point.

Wearing the wrong size bra can lead to back and neck problems. It can also cause your breast tissue to migrate to unflattering areas over time, like your armpits.

Take care of your breasts and wear the right bra size. Your posture, your breasts, and your favorite clothing will thank you for it.