Lately all the commercials on T.V. and circulars I get in the mail are all about back to school products.  Whether you’re in kindergarten or college, August into September is that looming time of summer vacation coming to an end and having to start back up with your educational routine.  Although these ads mostly remind me of how happy I am not to be in a school building or classes all day, they also remind me of my childhood.  Sitting through school all day did have it’s perks: besides graduating with good grades, we didn’t really have any other overwhelming responsibilities.  A time where I wasn’t a professional in anything besides having fun, I mean that’s what being a kid is all about right?  Kids had the attitude down pat way before the term YOLO (you only live once) started gaining popularity. I have a point with this reminiscing, I promise.


What may seem like flippant ads that are aimed to remind parents and students that school is back in session and it’s time to buckle down, reminded me of quite the opposite.  As much as I love being a mature, responsible, working professional, sometimes I just really miss those days from running around carefree at recess, to our innocent but fun recklessness in high school.  Maybe I can’t have that back permanently, but how great would it be to embody such an attitude for just a couple hours?  That little story was my inspiration for the next “What to Wear” trend.


It’s obviously not going to be all Lisa Frank rainbows and butterflies, but this is a great time to remind you that photo shoots, even boudoir ones don’t always have to be that serious, pouty, sexy look.  The fun and unworried energy of your youth can be re-appreciated, and revitalized for a look that’s just as sexy, but completely playful.


The bright colors in expected pieces like shorts (and hair) make you do a double take.  If you’re not committed to permanently dying your hair a crazy color, clip in extensions are a safe, and cheap alternative.


Remember the thrill of getting a sticker on our homework?  Those smiley faces and flowers still give me a little mood boost.


Stacking up jelly bracelets, those pointy sunglasses, and accessories galore!  I don’t ever remember stressing about coordinating my jewelry with my belt, just throwing on everything I loved at once made me happy as a clam.  Now that messy, carefree look is super glam.


I love the feeling and effect a seductive boudoir shoot can have, but sometimes I just want to let loose and be a little crazy.  Seeing as how that can actually leave people calling me crazy, a photo shoot is the perfect excuse to release all that youthful energy you may have been suppressing lately.  Most importantly, just have fun!