Let me ask you a question, did your mom ever make you take ballet lessons when you were younger? I know mine did, and maybe it didnʼt turn out to be my forte, but I definitely had an appreciation for the costumes, makeup, and all around girly and feminine appeal. You can see where Iʼm going with this, right? Of course, a ballerina fashion theme! Itʼs shown up in street wear, lingerie, make-up, there are even entire workouts dedicated to attaining the “dancerʼs body.” Iʼm making the executive decision to skip the workout part for now, but Iʼm all over the styles. See below for how to relive the childhood fantasy of becoming a ballerina, but in a very matured fashion.

Tulle, tulle, tulle….and some more tulle. There really isnʼt anything more illustrative of a ballerina than the tutu (made out of tulle). But how do you wear that fabric without having it look like itʼs part of a halloween costume? Some dresses are using the fabric as the skirt. With it hitting mid-thigh and paired with an edgy top half, youʼre in the safe zone from looking like you should be waiting backstage for your solo. Pair it with a killer set of heels and a fabulous clutch and you have a fresh, fun, and playful outfit for any type of party.

Image via ASOS

Of course, high fashion takes it a step further and only the most daring ladies continue the look off the runway. However, I love the silhouette this top creates and when paired with sleek pants, the tulle seems more chic instead of dramatic.

Image via NY Mag

Aside from tulle, ribbon is another fabric that seems reminiscent of the art. While Iʼm assuming most of us wonʼt be tying up our pointe shoes anytime soon, ribbons on lingerie is something I canʼt get enough of. I love sets like this because of the enticing idea of simply pulling a string to untie and reveal it all, but the ribbon does so in a very delicate fashion.

Image via Violet's Knickers

Leotards are another item that traditionally stayed in practice studios for the dancers, but thanks to companies like American Apparel, they are becoming staples for our everyday wardrobe as well. Better known as bodysuits in the lingerie department, this is clearly the sexiest way to wear it. This one is actually from the same collection as the g- string above, and the feminine and dainty feel definitely appear through the lace and soft pasted colors.

Image via Violet's Knickers

So, channel the fabulousness of your inner Black Swan and start working tulle, ribbon, and leotards into your look!