I recently had the pleasure of working with a fabulous model named Nina Day for a bay area portrait photography session.

I found her on Model Mayhem and totally loved her look. Think funky, blaxplotation, Foxy Brown, big hair love! Nina brought that and so much more. She was fun, had a killer dress sense, and exuded this cool Bay Area Berkeley/Oakland funk kinda vibe. It was great!

For this portrait session, we had a lot of clothes to choose from but I wanted to keep it fairly simply with only 2 pieces. So we chose a hot pink striped dress as well as a tan and black ensemble that we put together from bra and pant separates.

With the dress, we added a pink/white  flower and slightly untwisted her hair for a fresh, fun, colorful vibe that worked great with her smile.  Add in some fabulous hot pink shows and you have great portrait session with serious color.






For the second outfit, we went more boudoir while still keeping it funky. Nina had these amazing vintage tan and black pants and interestingly, a black and tan bra that went very well together. We decked her out in jewelry that had the same tones and went from there. I wanted to go darker and mysterious with these images and I think the whole effect worked out perfectly!







Thanks so much Nina for an awesome portrait session!