Boudoir photography isn’t about exposing your skin, it’s about wearing boudoir outfits that make you feel good inside and out. And if that’s a boudoir dress, we say heck yes!

These days, it seems you can turn on reality tv and see anything but what feels real. You watch Selling Sunset and somehow each season these girls keep getting more glam. Ugh. That’s not real life.

You don’t hate them, though.

No, instead you keep watching because you’re dying to see what Chrishell wears next or what over the top outfit Christine may finally show up in.

Part of the charm of these shows is daydreaming about a world where YOU get to be the one who’s getting that dressed up.

I know the thought of trading your worn out sweatpants and oversized tshirt for a day of glamour sounds enticing, especially if it’s only one day because let’s be honest, we weren’t meant to walk around in those heels every day!

Well, I’m here to point you to some droolworthy dresses that will make you eager to book your next Atlanta boudoir photoshoot ASAP.

Ieena for Mac Duggal, Ruffle Shoulder Gown, Rent the Runway

Why buy when you can rent?

Rent the Runway, that is! Have you checked out this website before?

If this is the first time you’re hearing about it, let me fill you in… You get to rent gorgeous expensive designer dresses and then return them when you’re done.

And there’s no catch. 

Jay Godfrey, Baldwin Mini Dress, Rent the Runway

Since you’re renting the price is remarkably better than buying (and your closet space and the environment thank you for not filling spaces with items you won’t wear again!).

They have different prices you can pay depending on how long you want to keep the dress and if you want to try on more than one option. Rent the Runway will even send you more than one size of your dress so you can find a perfect fit! 

Sweet dreams are made of these dresses

If you’ve been here before, then Anya Lust will look familiar to you.

Their selection of boudoir outfits that make us swoon is worth mentioning again and again.

ANYA LUST, Goddess of Poetry Sheer Nightdress

A Black and Women-Owned luxury lingerie business, Anya Lust offers whimsical designs that will make you feel like you’re living another lifetime.

KÂFEMME, Dreamer Chiffon Robe, Anya Lust

Made for you boudoir dresses

What we love here at Laquel Wright Photography, is seeing some of the breathtaking boudoir outfits clients find. 

If that’s your jam too, then you should check out Etsy.

These boudoir dresses and styles are made by small business owners, so you get to find custom and unique boudoir pieces unlike any sold in stores that will absolutely make you say “Wow!”

LirettaWedding on Etsy

Etsy carries a wide selection from dreamy and sweet to sexy and sultry boudoir dresses.

EdensplaceCreations on Etsy

Many of these shops are even custom made to your measurements.

The pro is you will can find a boudoir dress perfectly tailored to your body, the con is you will likely have to allot time for it to be made.

So keep that in mind if you go this route!

Budget Friendly Boudoir Dresses

If you want to keep your boudoir outfit budget low, consider checking out Amazon!

There are a ton of great options that won’t break the bank.

SOLY HUX Women’s Plus Size Split Long Mesh Lingerie Dress Babydoll Chemise

It can feel daunting to start looking but once you do, I promise you’ll find the perfect boudoir style out there for you!

The fun thing about ordering your boudoir dress off Amazon is that it will come in plain ole packaging – letting you keep the surprise alive if you plan on sharing photos with a partner. 

Avidlove Lingerie for Women Sexy Nightgowns Deep V Lace Bodysuit Mosaic Lace Teddy Mesh Skirt

This gorgeous piece comes in 9 different color options and SURPRISE it’s actually 2 pieces! It can be worn as a body suit or with the sheer skirt. For around $20, we say this is definitely a steal!

You Don’t Have to Choose

If you find yourself loving several options, consider purchasing more than one boudoir dress! If you’re shooting your boudoir photos with me, I love that you will have an outfit change! 

Check with your photographer first, of course, but we think this is a fine time to indulge yourself in a little bit of dress up. 

Shopping for boudoir dresses is one of the fun parts of a boudoir photoshoot. But don’t just take my word for it. See for yourself! 

If you’re ready to book your Atlanta Boudoir Photoshoot reach out to me here at Laquel Wright Photography and let’s chat!