It’s so exciting to book a boudoir photoshoot but if you’re like most people, the second after you commit you’ll have a bunch of questions.

Rather than search the internet for photoshoot prep tips, we wanted to make your life easier and give you a happy list all in one place. Print it out, check things off, set reminders in your phone – whatever you need to do with the information to prepare.

Without adieu, let’s get started!


Here are the key things you should consider when preparing for a boudoir session:

  • Treat yourself to pretty things, nows your chance to buy that lingerie you always wish you had a reason for!
  • Double check your outifts! Before packing your lingerie and especially if this is an item that you’ve owned for a while, try it on, make sure it fits and you feel good in it and that you want to wear it. You want to feel good, so set yourself up for sucess.
  • Cut tags off your lingerie so they don’t show in photos. 
  • Iron or steam your boudoir outfits if they wrinkle easily. You can help keep them wrinkle free by giving each one it’s own special hanger!
  • Pack your bag at least the day before. This will give you time to make sure you have everything you need and don’t forget anything. 
  • Consider bringing: shoes, a few outfits / different styles like: bra+panties, a one piece option and a robe. Bring jewelry and if you’re taking bridal boudoir photos, bring your veil and garter.
black and tan lingerie laid out on bed


Yes, your outfit is probably #1 at the front of your mind. But what about your skin? There are some key tips for preparing for a boudoir session that will really help make your photos magical and it starts with your skin.

Start these steps a month or more ahead of time for the best results, but at the very least a few days before your shoot to get the stunning photos of your dreams.

  • Exfoliate! You don’t want dry, flaky, dull skin in your photos. Exfoliating is step 1 in getting a glowing look.
  • Moisturize – like a lotttttt. Part one is exfoliating but you need to follow up with moisturizing to get the most bang for your buck! Do this often – you won’t regret it.
  • Shave + Wax. Shave the morning of your shoot. If you’re waxing, 3-5 days ahead of time is imperitive to give your skin time to calm down.
  • Get your Zzz’s. You already know this, but getting a full nights sleep is important to looking (and feeling) your best. 
  • H2O y’know! Water makes your skin soooooo happy. Avoid alcoholic bevvies that can cause redness and bloating. 
woman in robe applying moisturizer to skin


Skin and body prep basically go hand in hand. So it makes sense that we should also cover this when sharing tips for preparing for a boudoir session!

  • Did we mention staying hydrated? Trick question! Just making sure you’re paying attention. But also, it’s super important. So do this!
  • Eat! Especially the day of. You don’t want to be hangry or have a headache from not eating. Do not starve yourself! Eat leafy greens, protein and drink plenty of water leading up to your shoot. Avoid carbs, dairy and alcohol which can cause bloating. 
  • Stretch the week leading up to your shoot. You’ll be holding positions and you don’t want to have muscle cramping or tight muscles. Here’s a video that will help you get limber.
  • Wipe your feet! Make sure the bottom of your feet are clean. Especially in summer where sandals rule, it’s easy for your feet to be dirty and you not notice. Consider carrying wipes with you to clean your feet off right before your shoot. 
  • Nothing to see here: make sure you’re wearing a clear or spray deodorant to avoid white build up under your arms. 
  • Wear loose clothing to the studio! You don’t want those weird lines from your bra, panties, socks and hair ties. Those lines will be around longer than your photoshoot and they will show up in pictures. 
  • Skip the tanning bed at least 2 weeks before your shoot. We’re sure you can understand this!
hands holding a bowl of healthy breakfast foods with a coffee mug  and silverware in background


There’s not too many things to note here. Important things are to make sure you’re not drastically changing your appearance before your boudoir photoshoot. No major hair cuts, adding bangs or different colors. You want to feel most like yourself. 

  • Trim / Wax your brows, clean up those facial hairs. Remember to do this a few days before to keep your skin from freaking out. 
  • Hair care: touch up your roots if you don’t want them to show but don’t try a new hair color! Stick with what you know. Trust us.
  • Wash your hair the night before and avoid putting too many products in it that will weigh it down!
  • Wrap your hair the night before to reduce unwanted friz. You may also want to ring your favorite product to the studio to ensure we tame any strands that try to get away 
African american woman with curly natural hair looking to the right


Another easy peasy one on the tips for preparing for a boudoir session, nail prep! 

  • Clean and shape your nails if you’re not getting a manicure/pedicure.
  • OR Treat yourself to a manicure / pedicure. 
  • Remove callouses from your feet – this is another perk of treating yourself to a pedicure if you can 😉
  • Keep it simple. When painting your nails, choose a neutral color that won’t distract from your photos. Try clear polish if you don’t normally wear any color on your nails. 
  • Moisturize your hands when you’re done with your nails. Sometimes our hands are left dry after mani’s and we don’t want that in pictures!
woman in white sweater with burgundy nails

We hope these tips for preparing for a boudoir session were helpful! Remember, boudoir is for every body! These tips are meant to help you feel confident leading into your boudoir photoshoot but you are going to look like a babe no matter what! Pick and choose what feels best for you.

As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. 

I want you to feel comfortable and at ease before and during your boudoir shoot!

Are you in the Atlanta area looking for an Atlanta boudoir photographer? Send me a message, I’d love to connect with you!