If you’re considering, or already have, signed up to do a boudoir photo shoot, then congratulations! It is certainly a great way to boost your confidence when you see the final photos, but there’s no denying that if it’s your first time doing it, it can be a little uncomfortable and nerve-racking. In preparation for this, there are definitely some things you can do to calm your nerves and ultimately get you excited for the new experience!

First of all, don’t try to alter your natural look in ways you’ve never tried before. There’s nothing worse than showing up the day of the shoot with streaky self-tanner all over your legs! Remember that these photos are supposed to look like you, and not the you who decided to go try some new beauty fad a couple days before. This also means resisting the urge to do a hair color you’ve never tried before. If you’re already nervous about photos in your underwear, you want to be as comfortable as possible with the rest of your appearance.

Image via Natural Beauty Haven

On the flip side, it’s always fun to play with, or add some elements that are a little less of a commitment (such as skin or hair color). False eyelashes, new make up, or getting your nails done are the simple and subtle beauty elements that won’t stand out enough for people to point out, but are little treats that enhance your overall appearance and will make you feel more confident. Play around with some of these beauty components to see what you like and what you don’t, after all, if it’s not for you it’s pretty easy to reverse with a little make-up/polish remover.

Image via Book Body


Eat well, but please eat. There’s no sense in starving yourself at any point in your life. Leading up to a boudoir shoot you’ll probably be more conscious of how your body looks and what you’re putting into it, but be smart about how you alter your diet if you wish to do so. Clean eating and healthy proportions are the simple and most honest answer to being on a good diet, and let’s be real, we don’t want to be cranky and starving on the day of a photo shoot! This cover of an amazing book is a great reminder that focuses on the quality, not quantity of what you put in your body–and it’s worked out great for that gorgeous model!

Image via The Cherry Blossom Girl


Finally, treat yourself to a fabulous piece of lingerie. Or whatever type of garments you’re choosing to model (remember, boudoir doesn’t always equate to nude). Take some time to go to a boutique or store and try on a couple different options. Undoubtedly, some will work and some won’t, but you should find at least one new piece, big or small, that reminds yourself of just how gorgeous you are. That could be an elaborate corset, an elegant robe, or even just a killer pair of heels to wear alongside what you already own. Whatever it is, you’ll only be excited to show it off on the day of your shoot.


Taking the plunge to set up your first boudoir shoot is definitely a brave thing for any woman to do. But don’t let your nerves talk you out of it! Relax, do a little shopping, and get excited for what will be an extremely satisfying and validating experience!