I love doing What to Wear blogs because it gives me the chance to explore different styles, and trends and see how they are transitioned into the wonderful world of boudoir and lingerie. So even though you may know exactly what look youʼre going for, I know that not everyone necessarily spends as much time as I do looking into these different trends. Which can make it hard to know where to start when it actually comes to purchasing an item. On top of that, you add in the extra factor of size and having the correct fit which can make the search even more exhausting. Since I think everyone deserves to be in a boudoir shoot, or at the very least own some beautiful and pretty lingerie, Iʼm focusing now on which bras and underwear are both beautiful and work on women who have fuller chests. For a while, it seemed like full busted women were constricted to options that only focused on support, and the whole style factor was left out completely. Luckily today there are so many options out there, and plenty of bloggers who focus specifically on full busted style to help point you in the right direction. Here are two of my favorites which were reviewed as comfortable, supportive, and sexy. I mean really, what could be better than that? First up is the Piper bra by Freya which combines lace and floral for a really feminine feel: Curveturiere is another great brand for fuller busts and they have some great designs also, hereʼs one of my favorites. High waisted panties are definitely not just “mom-underwear” anymore. With so many fabrics and designs to choose from, high waisted can be sexy. Naked Princess makes a vintage inspired pair that have so much attention to detail and are made from great quality that you may have to get a pair for everyday of the week! Something everyone can enjoy are Knickerockerʼs handmade panties, bras, and body suits. Being handmade, you can send your measurements so you know that youʼre getting the right fit. Theyʼre fun, comfortable, and easy to take care of. Thereʼs no way I could narrow it down to one favorite, but this navy body suit is definitely at the top of my list. And thereʼs no way I could pass up panties with leopard print, a bow, and a peephole! As easy as it is to find something that looks cute online or on a hanger, the way it looks on you is the most important part, so finding the right fit is definitely crucial. Hope this helped any lovely ladies out there who needed to be pointed in the right direction, check back another week to see styles that work on other body types as well.