Looking for some good old fashioned romance? The lingerie industry offers a style for pretty much everything.  There’s no doubt that some of them are a little more risque, playful, unique, daring, or feminine than others. This week, I’m focusing on some of the more “classic” lingerie pieces. And when I use that word, I don’t mean that the other styles aren’t just as relevant, however satin, lace, rich colors, and elegance are some of defining factors of when lingerie first started becoming its own category within undergarments.

Bra by Lillipache

Panties by Lillipache

 This Lilipiache Elegant Love underwire bra, and matching thong can be found at Bella Bella Boutique for $98 and $59.  They feature cream colored lace, and rich burgundy colored mesh. Pair with dark red lip stain and you’ll be a victorian beauty!

Bra by Luniare

Embroidery is one of my favorite ways to add style and sophistication to lingerie. As you can see on this Lunaire Sevilla Demi Bra, the embroidering is feminine yet sophisticated, and not too young. It can be found at Herroom.com for $37. That’s quite the steal, you might as well get one in each of the three colors!

Silk Bodysuit by Fleur of England

 Bodysuits and teddys are frequently seen with elaborate designs, bold cutouts, fancy embellishments, but this piece from Fleur of England is pure elegance. It still has a unique style with sheer panels, but the rich gray color of the silk and the lace overlay make for a piece that is truly sophisticated and romantic. You can snag this from Fleur of England’s site for £288.

Josie Natori

 And I don’t think classic lingerie would be complete without a fabulous dressing gown. Silky fabric trailing behind you and wrapping around your body really does give you the feeling of royalty (even if you’re just binge-watching Netflix).  This Josie Natori silk robe from Saks Fifth Avenue comes in at $540, but you can’t put a price on feeling like a million bucks. Well, maybe you can, but aim for this style if possible!

 When I think of classic lingerie, I think of romance and items that are relatively age-neutral and will last you for years.  No doubt I love shopping and exploring new styles, but it never hurts to have some timeless looks in your lingerie wardrobe either.