You know it’s officially summer when you’re sweating within five minutes of stepping outside. While I wish we could all be pool, or beach side 24/7 during the summer, it’s not always an option. In honor of staying cool and comfortable, this week I’m sharing some great looks for the streets and the sheets that work alongside brutally high temperatures.

Image via ASOS

Dresses are definitely the easiest way to go when it comes to day wear. They are super comfortable and breathable, and it’s not like you have to coordinate multiple pieces to pull together the look. Just one dress and a few accessories if your feeling ambitious, and voila! You’re ready for the day. Swing dresses are so user friendly. They’re unrestrictive shape allows you to enjoy a rare breeze, and they’re equally fun to twirl around in. With a fresh summer color and a little lace, you’ll be cool(er) and gorgeous all day.


Image via Nasty Gal

If you’re able to dress more casual, tops with cut-out backs, or open sleeves are another good option for hot days. You can wear a simple bandeau underneath then tuck them into a high waisted skirt, or simply slip into your favorite shorts and a top like this certainly beats wearing a plain tank top.

Image via Modcloth


When it’s hot even through the night it’s so tempting to sleep in basically nothing at all. But if there’s a reason to look adorable all night opt for an open and lightweight nightgown. The short and breezy style is adorable, but you’ll be just as happy to slip into it knowing how comfortable you’ll stay.


Image via Revolve Clothing

Tap shorts are another summer friendly sleepwear garment. Pair with a bralette or matching camisole and you’ll be sleeping soundly and seductively.


The moral of the story here is to aim for light weight fabrics that won’t show sweat easily. Also, keep in mind what color you’re wearing–there’s nothing worse than being stuck out in the sun in a gray t-shirt (hello pit stains!). Plan your outfits ahead of time, and if you’re worried about dressing too lightly, you can always layer a lightweight sweater over top.