Iʼm all for luxurious fabrics, self-indulgence, and something extravagant, but every now and then I am reminded to take a look at my carbon footprint. Our everyday choices, like what clothes we buy and the companies we buy them from, can have a surprising impact on the world around us. Before you think Iʼm going to start lecturing you on recycling and reusing plastic bags, Iʼm more focussing on the small changes we can make to the things we love–like lingerie! While it may not be realistic to buy all of our clothes organic or vegan, itʼs helpful to know a couple good companies that make being earth friendly part of their mission.

Clare Bare

Using bamboo jersey and vintage fabrics, the designer and artist of Clare Bare had big ambitions when starting the company out of Brooklyn. Not only did she want to make everything locally in the most sustainable way possible, but she didnʼt stop thinking about the customer either. Her garments are fashionable and made to flatter a womanʼs body naturally, while refraining from using “constrictive hardware.” All of those awesome practices and you still get a bodysuit as fabulous as this one? Sign me up!



Lost in Wonderland

This company definitely understands a womanʼs need for a little luxury, but also thinks in the long term future of our planet. Sounds like some pretty smart cookies if you ask me. Every style is completely vegan from materials to production, itʼs no wonder the Berlin company is growing in popularity all over the world. I especially love how theyʼve incorporated classic nudes and pops of color into their SS2013 preview.

Between the Sheets

Founded by a lingerie designer and an environmental lawyer, Between the Sheets knows everything there is to know about fashion and social responsibility. Much like the other companies, they source their fabrics and other production components locally to reduce impact from transportation. Since weʼre not the oneʼs making them, but wearing the garments instead, Iʼll show off their incredibly soft and indulgent loungewear and lingerie.

Clearly, eco-friendly doesnʼt have to mean you look like you sewed some scraps together yourself. These fabulous finds are great for your esteem as well as the Earth, so go ahead, buy a little more!