Ever see women who look like they rolled out of bed just looking completely fabulous? You know, the type of style that says you haven’t spent hours trying to put an outfit together but you still look like a fashionista. A lot of women refer to this as effortless style, and honestly for some of us it comes easier than others. If you’re someone who finds that term “effortless” as being more ironic than it is true when trying to put an outfit together, today we’re showing you how to start having that easy and breezy style. With just a few of these staples in your wardrobe, making your outfits more trendy instead of boring or predictable will become second nature. And better yet, these are all in style for spring and summer this year!

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Spring and Summer Scarves:

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There’s nothing quite as easy as putting on a scarf to instantly amp up your outfit–think of it as another type of jewelry. Whether you choose a silk neck tie to get more dressed up, or a cotton printed option for your dressed down days, starting a bright and colorful collection of scarves is a fun way to add variety to your outfits, without having to purchase new garments.

Statement Blazers:

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Playing with prints and colors is such an easy way to make an outfit stand out. Using one bold piece like a statement blazer goes great with dark skinny jeans and a plain tank. Just goes to show you can still wear your comfortable basics but grabbing a pop of color before you run out the door brings it all together.

Pile on the Accessories:

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Having a large jewelry collection is one of the easiest ways to diversify your outfits. Crystal or jeweled earrings, necklaces, or bracelets can be the simple touch you need to look more dressed up, while funky and bold jewelry can take that same outfit and give you a trendy and quirky vibe.



Keep it Basic:

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Obviously the point of effortless fashion is to look like you can easily piece together options for a trendy look, but sometimes sticking with the basics is just as good. Choosing a monochromatic or neutral color palette is simple enough for you to put together, and gives you a fresh and polished look with an air of sophistication.