This week, I decided to focus on stockings. I’ve battled before with having to restrain myself from diving into fall fashion too early (but really is there such a thing?), but stockings seemed like a happy compromise considering that they are made with such lightweight material that you can often times wear them all year round. So, today we’re featuring great stockings that you can pair with garter belts and lingerie sets for a spectacular effect, or even just fun pairs to wear under skirts, dresses, or shorts.


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Wolford is a brand that is world famous for their hosiery, which goes back over 60 years.  You could say that practice makes perfect since their intricate designs and high quality has made them favorites for many lingerie fanatics. I love these Valencienne Stay-Ups because you aren’t required to wear them with garter belts to keep them in place. You can pair them with a feminine lingerie set, or slip under a plain skirt or dress for a fun way to amp up the style factor.


image via Dollhouse Bettie

This next set from Dollhouse Bettie uses garter straps to hold up the stockings, but instead of a belt, utilizes two separate black lace garter elastics. And since it incorporates black and lace, pretty much the most versatile combination in lingerie, it won’t be hard to match them to something you already own or to pick out something new.

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Stockings can also include knee- and calf-high options as well. You’ll see a lot of these on the runway, like this glitzy pair from Collette Dinnigan. Seen here with heels, you can easily make a pair of dress shorts or a mini skirt have a classier appearance that you may get with the combination of a short bottom and thigh highs.

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And finally since it’s still technically summer and it never hurts to throw some color into the mix, if you’re feeling bold go for a neon colored pair, or one that incorporates bits and pieces of color. We’ve come full circle back to Wolford, and these pink flowered stockings are a fun addition to a lingerie set, or a simple way to add a girly vibe to any outfit.