The first question that my clients ask me when they come in is almost always about boudoir outfits. Everyone has parts of their body that they like to hide, and other parts that they’re very proud of. If you’re something who isn’t quite ready to bare it all and is a little nervous about their stomach area, high waisted panties might be your perfect boudoir shoot solution.

High waisted panties accomplish several things, other than being really trendy. They cinch you in at your natural waist, which gives you more of an hourglass and makes you look thinner. While bikini briefs and other styles can cut into your stomach and hips at awkward places, high waisted panties give you a smooth slimming line all the way up. When they’re cut properly, they also make your legs look much longer. Thanks to a recent¬†resurgence, designers are making them in all kinds of sexy sheer fabrics and bright colors, which also makes them the perfect item to mix and match your favorite bras.

Here are some of my current favorites. You can pair them with a barely there sheer bra, or throw on a robe for more coverage. Either way, you’ll look sexy and chic.

Image via Kiss Me Deadly

Image via Marika Vera

Image via Rebecca Ansah