This week I found myself paying extra attention to details, and this was limited to no category in particular.  Of course there was my accessories like bags, belts, and jewelry.   Fine details often pull together an entire idea or image, and there is no exception with lingerie.  Boudoir accessories are sometimes the most fun part about a lingerie set.

Just like everyday clothing, jewelry can definitely be incorporated into the bedroom.  It may sound a bit juvenile, but never underestimate the power of something shiny.  Whether you’re somebody who goes for simple elegance, or you’re more of a big, flashy, “look at me” diamonds (okay, or cz’s) kind of girl, incorporating that style into your lingerie will automatically make the look feel more complete.  I’m a personal fan of this vintage set to add instant glamour.


Maybe you’re looking for something really indulgent, in which case I think this set from Agent Provacateur fits the bill!

Pasties are considered a boudoir accessory, but considering they’re usually the only thing covering your chest, they’re much more than just a detail.  However, the attention to details in their design can be impeccable.  And after a lot (arguably too much) web-browsing on different pasty designs, I officially challenge you to find a pair that doesn’t match your style.  There are simple and understated like these:

or something a little more eye catching (and life saving?) like these.



Eye masks, which we covered not too long ago are so fantastic that they’re worth mentioning again.  And I’m not talking about they kind you wore as a kid when you tried to knock all the candy out of a pinata.  They can actually be useful in getting our beauty rest as Holly Golightly taught us.

Or they can be used as a sexy way to intrigue those around us.  Because really, there’s nothing that makes us want to see something more than somebody covering it up.  I think this pair sums up “sexy” pretty well.


After checking out fall fashion previews and stumbling around Pinterest’s selection of beauty and glamour shots my eye for detail is sharper than ever.  As always, I automatically applied this to the fascinating and stimulating world of lingerie, and was so pleased with what I was reminded of: To never sell short the power of an accessory, or how attention to certain details can completely reinvent a look.  What’s your favorite way to bring accessories into the bedroom?