Last week we covered high waisted panties and how they can solve all your problems, and this week I thought we’d go over another boudoir basic: stockings. Stockings intimidate lots of clients because a) there are so many of them, and b) wearing sexy thigh high stockings seems to mean getting lots of other things like garter belts. If you’ve been wanting to explore the world of stockings, here’s a quick primer. Traditionally, boudoir stockings are of the thigh high variety. These can stay up by themselves, or be held up by a garter belt. When you’re buying a pair in a store or online, there should be an indication of which type they are. While garter belts are great, we’re going to save the details of them for next week.

I tend to shoot more alternative or modern boudoir looks, which means that I see less of the vintage style stockings. However, there are lots of great modern options out there for you and your stylish boudoir shoot.

Image via Tattoo Socks

Tattoo Socks is a great place to jump into the world of alternative stockings. This Etsy retailer has been making tattoo illusion stockings and socks of all varieties since before it was trendy, and they’re constantly coming out with new designs. They also make each design in five different colors, which makes it pretty easy to match any skin tone.

I love these naughtier “Mind the Gap” stockings (which also allow you to test someone’s knowledge of the London Underground system), and these flamingo ones. Both of these pairs of stockings are thigh high, and you’ll need a garter belt to hold them up.

These Jonathan Aston tights are cheeky and fun, along with being very modern. They could be a great accent piece or the building block for an entire outfit.

If you’re looking for a more classic look, these Abby Black stockings are a great option. Gold and black go with almost everything, and the slight pop of color doesn’t distract from the rest of the shot. Pair them with gold heels and lots of dangling or stacked jewelry to complete the look.

These Falke tights are a showstopper, and would be a great look paired with some basic black lingerie. Sometimes greatness doesn’t need anything extra.