This week, we’re going to take a slight detour from our normal routine and talk about the small things in life. It’s been a stressful few months in the news and in people’s everyday lives, so I thought today I’d make a list of some of the fun things I found online this week that cheered me up.


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Reason to Smile #1: Your Polka Dot Dress Will Never Go Out of Style!

In case you didn’t love Kate Middleton enough already, this photo of her on the set of Harry Potter goofing off should bring a smile to your face. Even better is the adorable polka dot dress she’s sporting.  Just goes to show that polka dots will probably never go out of style, and every woman can wear them–even royalty.

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Reason to Smile #2: Attention Sweet Tooth Junkies: Your Favorite Treats are Trending!

Sometimes you just want something sweet to fill that sweet tooth satisfaction. Even better, is when those goodies are as adorable as they are delicious. Colorful macaroons and twisted sweet bread? I’ll take one of each! The use of food photography is blowing up, especially with adorable sweet treats like this. So use it as the perfect excuse to treat yourself, then post the picture to make everyone jealous!

Reason to Smile #3: Spring has Sprung!

Guess what? It’s finally spring! Finally, all around the country, flowers are in bloom and legs are coming out of pants and into skirts and shorts.  If you’re having a crummy day, seeing bright colors surrounding you will lift your mood, even if it’s just the tiniest bit. And who wouldn’t love to buy themselves a new flirty spring dress?


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Reason to Smile #4: Puppies. Enough Said.

Animal pictures can pretty much win anyone over, and these pups are not only adorable, but can accessorize pretty well too. Goes to show you don’t have to own a pet to see the benefits of puppy love. Snap a shot of your favorite pup to glance at any time you need a quick pick me up.


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Reason to Smile #5: It Only Gets Better With Age!

And finally, age doesn’t have doesn’t have to dampen your style.  Check out this woman who still knows how to accessorize. Regardless of your personal opinion of the style, you gotta admit she owns it! And isn’t wearing what makes you happy what its all about?

When times get tough it’s important to remember the little things that make you happy–whether that’s a bright new pair of flip flops, an adorable cupcake, or inspiring people, photography is the perfect vehicle.