Being a boudoir photographer has certainly given me, and hopefully my clients an appreciation for tasteful sexiness. That is, the intrigue, the glamour, the appeal, but in the most glamourous of fashions. I was recently pondering what signifies that idea the most, was there any one style, person, culture, anything at all that captured the entire emotion and feeling of a boudoir photo shoot? While boudoir make look different in each personʼs mind, and can be photographed in different ways, I found a clear connection with the French culture. I decided to share just a few inspiring French-isms that re-lit my passion for boudoir. Hopefully I stir up something in my readers as well!


Much of the French culture is known for their high style and elegant taste. The décor of any room, from an extravagant master bedroom to a bathroom, can really set the mood for a photo session. You donʼt have to be laying in a bed to express the sexiness in a boudoir shoot. Just imagine sitting at this vanity surrounded by all the intricate details like crystals, chandeliers, and etching on the furniture, while primping in a silky robe or lacy lingerie. Chaise loungers, “chaise” meaning “chair” in French, are also a classic staple for a boudoir shoot. Thereʼs just something so fabulous about having a piece of furniture thatʼs made to make you look good laying down, I think we all could use one of these.

Marion Cotillard:

Thereʼs something so timeless about the French beauty that makes her sexy and glamourous at the same time. Most commonly seen with her perfectly pinned bob and minimalist makeup, she is the definition of “less is more.” While I know a lot of women love playing around with hair and makeup, and you should definitely try out different styles, Cotillardʼs classic look is fail-proof and definitely appropriate in the bedroom.


Image via The Lingerie Addict


Well, duh, this oneʼs pretty much a no-brainer. While lingerie is a huge market in America, most of the designers and inspiration come from France. Just the word itself derives from the French language: linge meaning washables or linen. Or if you look at any companyʼs description of themselves and you will often find, “french-inspired,” or “french design.” Anyway, what I mean is that all that fabulous lingerie that you get to be photographed in is probably inspired by the French culture, as are the theme for many photo shoots. From knickers, to bras, to suspenders, to corsets, the glamour is never ending.

A boudoir shoot can mean a variety of different things depending on the person and the photographer. What I think is important is that itʼs a way to express your sultry and sexual side in a cultured and elegant fashion, which I see a lot of in certain aspects of the French culture. You can be nude, or you can be clothed. You can be laying on a sheet on the floor, or you can sprawl out on a king sized bed. However you approach it, donʼt lose the emotion and feeling behind it all.