So I’ve always like decorative stockings, corsets, and sexy cute clothes in general. Given that I have a day job and well, can’t really wear all that during the day, I’ve kinda put it all on the back burner.

BUT…I love doing Boudoir photography and have been finding fabulous resources and dare I say it: AMAZING clothes!!

And yup, I want to buy. I don’t care if I can’t wear them all the time:

 I’m buying them anyway dagnabit!

I just came across these gorgeous holdups and well, their going to be my next purchase. The detailed peacock design has beautiful colors and the details look lovely. We’ll see how they look when they arrive!!


 This was located at the website: Bare Necessities , a company that has a plethora of cute under things 🙂 Thanks to Lingerie Addict I’m finding a ton of pretty clothing to add to my list!!