With Christmas quickly approaching, there is no better time than now to give the gift of boudoir. I could go on for days about the fabulousness of boudoir, but the holidays are really the perfect time to either try it out for the first time, or revamp previous images youʼve had taken. Think of it as your yearly holiday card, but maybe skip sending this one to grandma and grandpa! With busy schedules, itʼs hard to find time for yourself and to get in touch with your inner sensuality, a feeling that can make you feel like the most powerful person in the world once itʼs evoked.

In addition to that awesome feeling you get when posing for boudoir, just think what a wonderful gift it would make for your significant other. Sure, you could get that special man another fancy tie, money clip, or sporting tickets. But unwrapping a framed picture of you in all your sexual glory is a gift heʼll enjoy for many years to come! And fellas, donʼt leave yourself out of this equation, male boudoir shoots are just as sexy (and fun for me too!), and we know your lady wouldnʼt complain about getting a model-status piece of art featuring yourself. Below are some of my favorite boudoir holiday inspirations, from fun holiday themes to lingerie sets, they definitely bring new meaning to the most wonderful time of the year.

Image via Temptalia

The makeup line MACʼs holiday collection from 2009 was called the Baroque Boudoir Collection. Maybe a little outdated since it was three years ago, but it was such a nice reminder that the little details like packaging and color scheme can even make lipstick fit for the bedroom.

All the gentlemen out there, if youʼre nervous for your first boudoir shoot, start with a more fashion inspired theme. Choosing seasonal fabrics like knits and tweed are both incredibly sexy and will get you acquainted with the camera better, before you start baring it all!

Image via Ohhh Lulu

And ladies, I know I canʼt be the only one who wants an excuse to dress up in something with a holiday theme. From red silks to full on santa costumes, the colder weather has never stopped the lingerie industry.

Finally, one of my favorite things about the holidays is how everything is wrapped up and presented so nicely! Store display windows get more and more creative every year. From the big department stores, to the small boutiques, the holiday spirit is pretty much inescapable. Not to mention great inspiration for how you may want to set the stage for your boudoir shoot.

Whether you want to do boudoir for yourself, or want a new and creative gift to give, try out boudoir this holiday season!