We talked previously about the struggles full busted women have faced in finding fashionable and supportive options. Hopefully some of the options I shared helped you in your search! Today, Iʼm kind of on the other end of the spectrum, women with smaller breasts or who refer to themselves as flat chested have just as much difficulty in the lingerie department. Not so much for the purpose of not having a good support system, but because without voluptuous curves you may expect to see on women, the straighter figures have said that they donʼt necessarily feel as sexy as they think they should. Regardless of the fact that I think all women should feel sexy no matter what their bra size, the issue facing women with smaller chests is just as prominent and important as that facing fuller figures.

Lailides Lingerie specializes in finding fashionable options for this crowd. To avoid awkward gapping in the cups, or ill fitting straps that are always falling off your shoulders, the ladies behind this company have designed adorable styles! My favorite is from the Lisette collection which features dainty and feminine details like scalloped edges, bows, and embroidery.


Lualu also has more than enough options to fill your dressing room. The Lace Demi Cup Bra is lightly padded to go with your natural shape, and you canʼt deny the gorgeous design.

As empowering as it is to embrace your natural shape, a push-up is always fun to work with and have as a staple in your lingerie wardrobe. The Little Bra Companyʼs Lucia Push Up Bra isnʼt in the traditional shape of a push up. Instead itʼs straps can be halter or criss crossed, but either way you wear it, the two tone lace fabric will have you feeling sexier than ever.

When it comes to underwear, if you still have a slimmer frame look for options with frills or ruffles to add some curves, like this piece from Sonata.

Also, take advantage of the fact that you donʼt have to pay too close attention to emphasizing the wrong parts of your body, and have fun with all the crazy options out there!

And of course there are some of those perfect pieces that look awesome on everyone. I find bed jackets effortlessly sexy, comfortable, and a cinched waist never looked bad on anyone! This Kriss Soonik Wrap is sure to be envied by all.