Holiday gift guides are definitely invading the internet lately, and I have to say, Iʼm happy they are. As much as Iʼd like to pride myself on creativity, sometimes I hit roadblocks for certain people: That person who has everything, a sibling whoʼs unnaturally low- maintenance and doesnʼt “need” anything, the other sibling whoʼs unnaturally high- maintenance and impossible to please…thereʼs only so many pre-made gift baskets one person can buy. That being said, if thereʼs one thing I do pride myself in, itʼs knowledge about different lingerie garments and accessories. So, if youʼre looking for a gift for a girlfriend/ boyfriend, or simply want to buy something for yourself, here are some great gifts that wonʼt break the bank. Because as much as weʼd love that $900 lingerie set, even Santa Claus has a budget.

Whatʼs more Christmas-y than getting new pajamas for Christmas? Almost nothing. Unfortunately, flannels and one-sies are rarely on the sexiest garments list. This set from Victoriaʼs Secret is $48 and opts out the flannel for lace, and the cheeky shorts with adorable bow grant my stamp of approval for fashion and comfort.

They always say the greatest gifts come in the smallest boxes. These may not be diamonds, but pasties can be a girlʼs best friend too! At $26 from Faire Frou Frou, these holiday red tassels would definitely be a fun addition to a lingerie wardrobe, or just a silly gift between friends.

This Balcony Bra from Autograph can be purchased from Marks and Spencer ,it reminds me of some of the pieces from Agent Provocateur Alina collection, but definitely a little more budget friendly at £29 (about $47).

We simply canʼt leave out panties in a gift guide, if you want to go for the sexy lace thong that matches the bra above, theyʼll run you £14 (about $22). Another great option are panty sets, like this set of three brazilian panties from Gossard. You can buy them from Asos for $49.25, and right now thereʼs no shipping charge. Yippee!

Shopping for a significant other can be pretty stressful, not to mention nerve- wracking. Will they like it? Will it fit? Why are these underwear $200? Iʼve known countless confused boyfriends and spouses who get overwhelmed and end up wrapping up more lotion and bath salts instead. Face your fears this year and get her something that both of you will love!