We’re going to dive right in to the holiday gift guides. But while we all love to receive lingerie and buy it for ourselves, it can be quite the task when you’re on the other end of the deal. Whether you’re a boyfriend, girlfriend, or best friend, buying lingerie for someone else can be a little stressful. Will she like the style? Will it fit? Will she even wear it? These are good questions to ask yourself when purchasing underpinnings for someone else. Today I’m showing some nice choices that anyone would love to open for the holidays this year.

Babydoll First and foremost, you need to think about if it is even something she’ll wear. As much fun as it could be, this is not a time to be vicariously shopping for yourself. If she’s currently single then buying a bedroom costume may not be the most practical thing. If she’s about to get married, purchasing a bridal set would make more sense than for others. You get where I’m going with this. For any woman though, a babydoll or chemise is a great option—she can show it off for someone special, but they can also be understated enough to wear it lounging on her own.

Red lingerie for the holidays

Next you’ll want to make sure it matches her style. Lingerie does not have to be all ruffles and bows (though if that’s what she likes than go for it!). If her street style is mostly sticking to basics and she owns more than enough little black dresses, than it may make more sense for you to choose something simple yet glamorous. This plain red set doesn’t have too many added frills, but it’s certainly far from a basic black t-shirt bra.

Sparkly lingerie

Yet, if she’s a girl who’s all about the details and added embellishments, that can be both a blessing and a curse. Choose something that stands out, but not necessarily an option that’s over-the-top. If she wants to really push her boundaries in terms of style, let her be the one to make that first purchase. However, you can’t go wrong with lace overlay, jewels, and/or bows which always fit in perfectly on a lingerie set. And she’ll be more than thrilled to receive a little extra sparkle this year.

Camisole and Shorts Set

Finally, think about size. I know it may seem weird to consider this last behind style and function, but when giving a gift it’s a lot easier, and less awkward to explain exchanging when it’s just the fit rather than the fact that they simply do not like it. If you know her exact measurements that’s fantastic! Choose something that’s in her size and just be sure to get a gift receipt with whatever you choose. If you don’t know her exact size, but could probably eye-ball it, lean more towards options like camisole and knicker sets, or babydolls and chemises which don’t always need an exact cup size. And of course get a gift receipt with that too!


See, lingerie shopping for others doesn’t have to be stressful! Put extra care into choosing the right type and style that fits her wardrobe the best, and the rest will fall into place. Even if the dreaded concern comes true and it doesn’t fit, we guarantee she’ll love that it was a piece she wanted anyway and will appreciate the thought you put into picking it out.