I feel like Iʼve been talking a lot about fall fashion recently. The transition from summer, what was seen on the runway, and I know I found an excuse to slip in a mention about my favorite fall drink- the pumpkin spice latte. How is it possible that it took me this long to get to lingerie trends? Well, better late than never right? Without further ado, hereʼs my favorite colors, styles, and designers to keep an eye out for this season.

Image via Faire Frou Frou

One of the most telling factors of what season it is, is the color scheme. Summer and spring boasted bright neons, playful prints, and delicate pastels. Fall and winter mimic the outside colors of changing leaves and youʼll find deep, rich, warm colors. One of my favorites are the jewel tones like dark purples, emeralds, ruby reds, and deep indigos. Marlies Dekkers has their signature strappy design, but switch out the highlighter yellow from a couple months ago for this hue.

Image via Violet’s Knickers

Iʼve had my eye on this bow-tie brief and matching bra set from Fleur of England as well.

Image via Something Wicked

I certainly have my favorite designers, but whether theyʼre new to the lingerie industry or just new to me, discovering fresh products is always exciting. Something Wickedʼs products that seem like they were described in 50 Shades of Gray are erotic and unashamed, but intriguing enough not to scare me away. But donʼt worry if youʼre not exactly that type of shopper because they also offer the user-friendly (and my favorite) fabric of lace for an edgy look everyone can pull off.

Image via Violet’s Knickers

Image via Fredrick’s of Hollywood

A trend that Iʼve always been aware of, but has become increasingly more popular is body jewelry. Embellishments on lingerie has been around for a while (jeweled straps, rhinestone cups, etc), and now body jewelry takes it a step further. The label Mint Siren makes a chain dress, which is literally just a body-length necklace, but you can give a bra and panty set, or a camisole a whole new look by layering it on top.  A similar, but much more extravagant choice is made from rhinestones, or a simple, sparkling strand could do the trick as well.