Are you nervous about an upcoming boudoir or portrait photo shoot? Don’t fret, that’s totally normal and happens to everyone… well, almost everyone. Who doesn’t it happen to? Well, professional models that is. But don’t worry, they only got to this fear-free zone though lots and lots of practice.

Tyra wasn't always this fierce!


So you just need to start practicing, too! First though comes research. Pick up a few magazines that are well-known for featuring women in sexy positions (Cosmopolitan, Maxim, Vogue, etc.) and pick out expressions and looks that you think would look great on you, too. Go ahead and rip those pictures out and put them on your bedroom wall for a little inspiration a couple of days before your shoot. Become one with these photos.

If she can do it, so can you!

Next, it’s study and practice time! Again, remember that these models are professionals, so their “effortless” positions might actually not be so easy, so just practice them a bit and get a feel for what will work for you and what won’t. Try a couple of poses that come more naturally to you and aren’t too forced; they will for sure look amazing in the photo shoot.

Next, I would recommend trying out the lingerie you planned to wear at the shoot. A lot of people bring brand-new lingerie to their photoshoot, which of course is totally fine, but it doesn’t hurt to try the outfits on a few days before and get a feel for how they look in certain positions. Maybe the cut of the panties really shows off your long legs, so you should try some poses that emphasize your favorite attributes.

Okay, now that you have some ideas for your body worked out, it’s on to the face. This tends to be the hardest part for most people, which is why practicing in front of a mirror beforehand is a great idea. Your options are unlimited; you can do the head-on sexy glare, the come-hither playful look, the wistful stare off into the distance, the devil-may-care laugh; it’s all up to you. Just practice what you feel comfortable doing, and take note of what feels the most natural and fun to do. At the actual shoot, it’s helpful to picture your significant other as the receiver of your sexy looks (and if you’re single, a Ryan Gosling or Tyrese Gibson stand-in will definitely work as well).

All in all, your photoshoot will be all about you being fabulous and having fun. Jitters are normal, but doing a little practicing beforehand will help you feel confident and comfortable the day of the shoot. This is your special day so enjoy it!