So you decided to do a photo shoot? Well that’s great news because guess what? You’re gonna rock it!  However if this is your first time on the other side of the lens, it’s natural to be a little nervous.  To ease your nerves, learn about how to prepare for your photo shoot so you can walk in to the studio as confident as you’ll be walking out.

Listen, we’ve all been there: You’re posing for a picture and you’re envisioning yourself with the same perfect pout as Adriana Lima.  Then when you see the picture after…not quite as glamourous.  You know the saying practice makes perfect?  It’s totally true! You may feel silly, but practicing faces in the mirror in the privacy of your own home will help you feel more comfortable when you start your photo shoot, and when you find a look that you like, you can practice it until it feels completely natural.


Eat healthy and drink plenty of water.  Listen closely, I’m not telling you not to eat, I’m saying to make a conscious effort to steer clear of foods that you know don’t always work well with your stomach, or make you feel drowsy after.  Meaning it’s probably not the best idea to indulge in a mexican feast two hours before you have a photographer in front of you snapping away.  Conversely, make sure your diet includes natural products that will keep you feeling healthy, and your energy up–there’s nothing worse than a sleepy model.  Despite the fact that staying hydrated is another natural way to stay energized and alert, this natural super-liquid also keeps your skin clear and helps reduce bloating.


Now that you’re body’s feeling good, and you feel confident in posing, the fun stuff is next!  Go shopping in your closet, and pick out your favorite outfits.  You know, the one’s that make you feel like a complete bombshell.  Bring plenty of accessories and outfit options to give yourself more opportunity to capture the look that you’re going for.  Also, bring your favorite tunes along to help you really channel your inner model.

Last but not least, have fun!  This is all about you so make sure you enjoy every second of it!