Laquel Wright sat down with media mavens Lala Valentine for a fun interview about what drew her to Boudoir Photography.

 Q. (Lala Valentine) How long have you been a photographer?

A.  (Laquel)  I’ve been a photographer since high school. I was known for taking a camera with me everywhere I went and would just take rolls and rolls of film. My family and friends liked to go camping and traveling quite a bit, so I had a huge number of landscape pictures, as well as various images of buildings that we saw on our travels. I’ve been taking pictures of people for the past year and a half.

Q. When and how did you become a boudoir photographer?

A. I decided to focus on boudoir photography last year. I realized that not only did I love taking pictures of people, but I also love helping women discover their natural beauty. Too often, women compare themselves to the highly stylized images in magazines and don’t realize how beautiful they truly are. The media is constantly bombarding us with images of what it thinks women should like and it’s often an unattainable ideal. I want to be able to show each and every one of my clients that they are gorgeous just the way they are.

Q. What is your favorite thing about boudoir photography?

A. I absolutely love the expressions of excitement and wonder I see on my client’s faces when I show them their photographs. They are thrilled to discover that they really are beautiful! They see themselves in a totally new light and their self-confidence soars. It’s such great feeling to help women see their beauty.

Q. What do you tell someone who has never done a photoshoot before to put them at ease?

A. I tell them that boudoir photography isn’t all about skimpy lingerie and high heels. Boudoir photography is meant to showcase a client’s beauty, and the shoot can be about whatever the client wants–it’s all about her personality, her image, what SHE feels comfortable and sexy in. She can wear lingerie, an oversized t-shirt that belongs to her partner, a sexy dress, whatever works for her. My goal is to bring out the beauty and sexiness that comes out when someone is comfortable and feeling good. My sessions are fun, relaxed, and pressure-free. I have a great time chatting up the clients I work with, listening to their stories, and getting a chance to know them personally.

Q. What is your recommendation to first time participants in a boudoir photoshoot?

A. Have fun!! This is your time. It’s your chance to relax, kick back, and have a good time being exactly who you are.

Q. Who/what kind of person is the ideal boudoir photoshoot subject?

A. My ideal clients vary quite a bit. They can be the young, newly engaged woman who is free spirited and is looking for a present for her soon-to-be hubby. My client can be the stylish lady who has been married for seven years and has two kids who wants to celebrate her anniversary or give her partner a sexy visual present. It can be the single lady who never gets pictures taken of herself but decides it’s high time to do so! Boudoir photography can be for every woman out there who wants to get in touch with her beauty and sexiness.

Q. Describe the perfect boudoir photoshoot.

A. The perfect boudoir shoot starts with my client arriving for her session at either a hotel room that has been reserved, or coming into the studio. She usually has a few different outfits with her that she adores and feels her sexiest in. We sit down and chat a bit about what we’ll do in her session, laughing over chocolate port and tasty pastries until we are ready to begin. We laugh and talk during our session with me clicking away. I’ll instruct her on some of the most flattering poses for her and we’ll have our own, personalized photoshoot with her having fun and becoming more and more confident along the way! I’d end up taking at least 50 gorgeous images of her and by the end we are worn out with having such a great time!