If you are reading this blog, you probably love boudoir photography and have at least a modest
collection of lingerie that you wish you could get more mileage out of and wear more often. Why not
add some spice to a few of your existing daytime outfits by adding a little lingerie touch?

It’s easier than you think!

First, though, let’s start with some inspiration:

Lacy and luxurious.


Charlize Theron wore this sexy and revealing dress to the Snow White and the Huntsman
premiere this May.Not to be outdone, co-star Kristen Stewart also wore a lacy,
lingerie-inspired number:


This is how the stars do it – but since most of us don’t have
star-worthy bank accounts,and stylists and designers as our BFFs, it’s a bit
more of a challenge to have the resources to put something like this together.

That’s why we are mostly showcasing outfits we think you can re-recreate at home.

Check out Jessica Szohr’s cute, carefree dress:

Jessica Szohr of Gossip Girl is flaunting a look us girls at home can wear, too!

 Anyone can easily find a cute, lacy top and wear a colorful or striking bra
underneath to add some edge to their look.

We found this at Her Room for $34, not too shabby!

Ashley Greene of Twilight fame is working it too with this peek-a-boo dress:

She’s doesn’t seem afraid of vampires with this plunging neckline!

Leona Lewis wore this cute bra-like halter top with a sexy, high-waisted skirt:



Even seemingly good-girl Leah Michelle sported this super sexy look:


The lacy, see-through look has been on runways all Spring, and has clearly
been influencing current fashion trends.

But even though the lingerie and lace-inspired looks are definitely in season
right now, it is partly because of a certain trendsetter who was wearing pointy bras and
lots o’ lace waaaaaaaayyyyyy before anyone else.


The one-and-only Madonna has been rocking her own sexy style for YEARS;
and so can you. 🙂 And keep in mind that
she invented her style way before she got rich and famous.
All it takes is a little bit of ingenuity and effort,
and you can also come up with your own lingerie-inspired look on a shoestring budget.