Can you believe that itʼs Thanksgiving already? I know I donʼt have to tell my blog readers twice about how much I miss summer. Well, I guess itʼs time to accept the fact, especially now that department stores and commercials are already jumping the gun and have their Christmas displays up. I donʼt want to skip over Thanksgiving though! Itʼs a favorite of mine because itʼs one of the few holidays that has resisted the advertising, media, and retail industries the most and still preserves itʼs original meaning of giving thanks for everything in your life. Not to mention its a great excuse for a huge dinner! This week Iʼm having some fun with that theme and sharing all the great styles Iʼm thankful for.

I wonʼt lie, the first time I saw these I thought they were a little bizarre, but they were soon popping up everywhere and I eventually fell in love. Cut out briefs are sexy but also totally fun and unexpected. I love these from Something Wicked paired with the garter belt. I definitely walk around my house like that, donʼt you?

Image via Faire Frou Frou


These are perfect for a special night, or to be used as underwear as outerwear trend. Basically I love anything thatʼs multi-functional, and it doesnʼt hurt that they come in so many great styles from lace to leather, solids to textures and prints. There really is one for everybody! I donʼt think I could choose just one favorite, but this bodysuit from ID Sarrieri is definitely at the top of my list.

Really though. Put a simple bow on top of anything and itʼs cuteness factor increases by a hundred. Thereʼs something about bows on bras and lingerie that make you feel like a perfectly wrapped present, and whoʼs not thankful for that feeling? I think this pretty much sums up what Iʼm talking about.

Image via ASOS

Options For Larger Busts:
Sure, people can argue that thereʼs still a long way to go in representation of fuller chests in the lingerie industry, but that doesnʼt mean there hasnʼt been progress! Iʼm so thankful that all women can feel beautiful and supported with the help from many bloggers and designers who focus specifically on these styles. This one is delicate, supportive, and thereʼs a bow 🙂 Of course, Iʼm thankful for you–my readers and clients that is! If this is your first time reading the blog, or you check back every week, I am so happy that I have such a wonderful and fabulous audience. As always, feel free to comment on anything you want to hear more about, or if you have any questions about my photography services! Have a great Thanksgiving!