Do you live in an area that’s getting hit hard with freezing temps? One of the hardest things every year for me to tackle, is dressing fashionably while still being able to withstand the weather. Sure, you can wear tights and a cute coat, but for some of us we need to put function before fashion. Before stepping out of the house in mismatched hats and gloves, check out this list of great finds for winter weather that were made to withstand the season as well as keeping you looking awesome.

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Pistil Designs makes adorable woven hats and headbands that look super trendy, but are made with you in mind. Seeing as how your head can retain a bunch of heat, you want to make sure that it’s covered when you’re outdoors. These hats are made with wool which feels very lightweight but the tightly knitted fibers keep you extra warm.

Boots by Sorel


Aside from your head, your feet are another important one you’ll want to pay attention to. Not only will your toes be one of the first bodyparts to gets frostbite, but there’s nothing like wet socks to put a damper on having fun on a snow day. For light weight snow boots that let you run and jump like a little kid again, but will keep you dry until you get to work, the Sorel Women’s Joan of Artic Boot is perfect. These were ranked as the top women’s snow boot for numerous fashion and outdoor magazines, so it really is the best of both worlds.

Gloves by Uggs


There’s nothing worse than cold hands…except for not being able to text or use all of your nifty touch screen gadgets. Luckily consumers don’t have to make a choice between warmth and communication any more, with tons of “smart” gloves on the rise. Ugg Australia, the maker of your comfiest boots, makes a totally glam and functional winter glove. It’s made from leather, a sheepskin cuff, and lined with soft cashmere which keeps your hands looking and feeling amazing.

Fashion collars for coats


A quick fashion hack to instantly create a new look is to add a collar or shawl to one of your existing coats. Maybe you have a great black wool trench coat, but you wear it literally every day. Add a faux fur collar like this one and voilà! New jacket! Not to mention, buttoning up into this new accessory with keep you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. The collar below can be found at

High Tech Earmuffs


Finally, whether you have a long walk to work in the morning, or want to be able to go for a run while listening to your favorite tunes, the technology keeps evolving! These Noise Hush Bluetooth Earmuffs look like just another pair of adorable eskimo-esque muffs to keep you warm without getting hat-hair, but they also sync up to your phone so you can listen to music, movies, podcasts, whatever floats your boat! Now you won’t have to worry about wires or ear buds interfering with your winter accessories.


These may seem like small little changes to make, but once you’re all hooked up and bundled in, you’ll wonder how you ever got through winter without these miracle gadgets!