Feeling comfortable with style never hurt anyone. In fact, this feeling should be embraced. There are so many forms of lingerie out there that provide a luxurious comfort while looking fabulous. Robes and gowns are particularly luxurious and elegant. Not only can they look great while lounging around the house, but they can look great in photo shoots as well. They give photos a relaxed feeling that produces an undeniable appeal. An example of a lovely gown that could be used for lounging or a photo shoot is this Marika Vera long silk chiffon gown:


You can see the relaxed elegance from this photograph. It has a very classic, simple look. This type of gown would be a great item of clothing for a photo shoot. It provides freedom of movement and doesn’t constrict or limit posing. Accessories could be added to the simplicity of this gown to make for a great look.

Other forms of lingerie that are great for photo shoots are vibrant and colorful pieces. Considering the summer season is coming around the corner, different types of colorful lingerie are appearing all over. Take for example this fun Cherry blossom print lingerie:

This fun and colorful lingerie is very appropriate for summer or spring. It could be a great outfit for a photo shoot or it could be your favorite seasonal underwear. Either way, the versatility of this beautifully patterned ensemble is hard to deny. This type of lingerie can drape over you in a comfortable, lightweight fashion, making it easy and luxurious to wear in those hot months. This look obviously contrasts with the long gown because of the colors and patterns, but each look has its own strengths to offer. These two pieces are both examples of the versatility of practical lingerie that can be applied to a lovely photo shoot.