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Lately, we’ve been covering a ton of fashion trends, from swimwear to underwear to accessories to rock on the beach, by now you should be the master of 2013’s latest and greatest styles. However educated you may be on what went down the runway, it’s just as important to focus on yourself and your body. One of the biggest problems for summer is what the heat, sun, and resulting sweat can do to our skin. Today, I’m listing some of the best products to keep your skin glowing, not peeling, all summer long.

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You may feel like you’re back in your teenage years anytime you see a stray pimple pop up. If you already have oily skin to being with, spending time in the beating rays of the sun doesn’t help the situation. Gel-based face washes are the way to go for soaking up oil and sweat. A best-seller is Clinique’s Gel Cleanser but you can also search the shelves for acne busting body washes for use on your back and chest as well.

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Sunscreen, please! Whether you’re outside for 15 minutes or laying out for hours, even something as simple as a moisturizer with SPF built in will help lower your risk of damaging your skin cells.  For times when you need more serious sun protection, Neutrogena’s Pure and Free Liquid Sunscreen is great for sensitive skin since it’s made with all natural materials. It’s lightweight so it works perfectly on face and body alike. Just remember, it’s easier to take the preventative measures than to fix a burn, or a more serious condition later in life.

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When you’re just carrying on your day as normal, try a moisturizer with SPF. Estée Lauder goes three in one, with sun protection, moisturizer, and foundation. Especially on hot days you’ll want as few layers on your face as possible!


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Just as your skin may get oily, some women experience extra dry skin in the heat which also depends on your climate (think arid versus humid). The Sparkle Skin Exfoliating Scrub from Clinique will soften and smooth any rough and dry patches all over your body.


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If you’re getting ready for a pool party, boudoir shoot, or anything else that has caused creeping levels of anxiety regarding how other’s will be seeing your skin, this next product is definitely for you.  Cowshed Slender Cow Detoxifying Body Scrub (weird name, I know), fights cellulite instantly with Himalayan and Dead Sea Salts. It won’t be a permanent fix, but your skin will definitely appear more refined, tight, and glowing after a couple uses. As cute as dimples are on our face, I think we’d all say “pass” when it comes to the rest of our body.



Now you can tackle summer with a few simple products keeping your skin fresh, clean, completely touchable, and burn-free!