Lingerie gives just as many options as your day to day clothing, which is great because you can literally transition any of your favorite trends into a bedroom look, or feature them in a boudoir shoot.  A couple weeks ago, I shared some of my favorite pieces from pin-up and retro inspired lingerie.  Well, I’m back to share another trend!  One of my favorite looks during day time is the preppy trend.  Some people automatically associate this with a catholic school girl uniform, and when translated into lingerie can look, quite frankly, a little trashy (unless it’s Halloween).  Even I’ll admit, I thought it would be difficult to take a day look that seems so perfectly put together, coordinated, and socially accepted, into a lingerie look which is generally associated with black, lace, and all things extravagant.

Don’t just think cardigans, collars, and corals (although I do love all of those).  Instead, preppy lingerie is all about showcasing some of the elements like, structure and coordination, and prints, symbols, and color combinations reminiscent of that prepster charm (think nautical themes, bows, and the like).  Okay, enough of my convincing you this can work, let’s see some pictures, shall we?

First up, this bra from the Elle Macpherson collection.  The navy and pink contrast each other in a flirty way, and the bow ties it all together.


Another bra option is this Marni piece which showcases another print with contrasting colors.  What stuck out to me the most here is that it’s a fun print without being too young.


Navy and white just scream nautical, so these shorts would be perfect with either a plain white or navy bra, or if you can find a matching striped bra.  Not to mention they look super comfortable, and the ruching on the back is adorable!



Finally, this is shown as a wedding look, but the clean white with giant bow and a lovely string of pearls is classic and timeless, another goal embodied by the preps.


Hopefully this gave you all some inspiration!  What other trends would you like to see further explored?