Welcome to today’s question of the week!

In this installment, I’m talking about the number one question that I hear:

“What is boudoir?” (followed quickly by, “how did you pronounce that again?”). It’s a great question and to answer it, we’ll go back a wee bit in the history books.

“Boudoir”, (which is pronounced boo-dwaar) traditionally referred to a woman’s bedroom or private sitting room. In some cases the boudoir was designed as a suite of rooms that were set apart from a lady’s actual bedroom. In essence, it was usually considered her own private space to relax.

Given this definition, many boudoir portraits are taken in hotel rooms or other bedroom like settings. Nowadays, images are taken in a variety of other locations including, in-studio, outdoors (beaches, fields, forests settings), and anywhere else.

The definition of boudoir photography itself is a little more difficult and I think it depends a lot on the photographer. I see boudoir photography as the creation of beautiful, sensual images that bring out my client’s fun, provacative, enpowered, sexy self! Boudoir images can be sultry, fun, girl-next-door, vixen, diva, innocent, sexy, risque… it all depends on my clients personality. My goal is to help you bring out your inner sexiness and capture images that show you how gorgeous you are!

Even though most boudoir photography is focused on women, I love capturing sensual boudoir-like images of couples and men as well! I think everyone deserves sexy, fun images of themselves!