Ahhh…What to wear to the boudoir session. This is the second biggest question I hear from clients. And for good reason, the right clothes can make a huge difference in your boudoir session.

First off, think about your own personality and what you love to wear. Some ladies love wearing lingerie and garter belts, others are more comfortable with the sexy girl-next-door kind of look and can rock the tight t-shirt with boyshorts look.

Also, what is the purpose of the images? Why are you getting them taken? Are they for you, to show off how great you look at 40? Are they for your finance? To celebrate your after-baby body? That can be a determining factor in the type of clothes you want to wear.

Which of your “assets” do you want to show off? Do you have a great butt? You lucky girl. Those lace boyshorts or a thong with a cute decoration can make your derriere stand out nicely. Do you want to accentuate your breasts? the right cut in bra can give the girls a nice shape and make them stand out in your images. Think about which parts of your body you want to highlight and pick clothes that draw attention to them.

Who is the recipient of the images? If you are giving them to a spouse or partner, what parts of you do THEY like to see? I had one client whose fiance really liked the wet look. So we got some fabulous images images that played up the wet t-shirt look to put in her album (a present for her fiance on the wedding day). Let’s just say he was happy.

Remember, that having a boudoir session does not mean you have to wear lingerie. You can take your boudoir session in anything that YOU feel sexy in. That’s the whole point right?

We can chat about different items that may work best for you based on your personality and who you are giving the images too. There are some wonderful places to purchase lingerie both online and in retail stores, and I am happy to help you pick the perfect outfits for your session!

Need some visuals? Check out Bella Bella Boutique. She has some amazing pieces that work great for boudoir sessions!

Till next time!!