Not everyone is a huge fan of buying lingerie online. Lots of my clients love the kinds of things that the more avant garde lingerie boutiques online carry, but are nervous about sizing or buying something without seeing it person first. If you’ve been wistfully staring at online boutiques but have been nervous about taking the plunge, today I’m showcasing some easy ways to introduce yourself to the best online boutiques. All of these are accessories, which are really important when it comes to creating the right atmosphere for your next boudoir shoot. Some are sweet, some will bring out your inner dominatrix, and some are just nice additions to the perfect outfit.

Masks and Blindfolds:

Masks and blindfolds tend to be associated with a certain category of lingerie or lifestyle, but lots of designers are taking the bondage look mainstream. Some designers are even sweetening it up with some lace for a wholesome yet seductive take on the look.

Naked Princess Mask image via Bella Bella Boutique

Image via Faire Frou Frou

Bows and Headbands:

Bows and elaborate headbands can be a great look for a bridal boudoir shoot, or just a more ladylike take on the whole thing. These items can be found all over at a wide variety of price ranges, and many can be custom made to match a dress or an outfit.

Image via Faire Frou Frou

Image via Violet's Knickers

Gloves and Cuffs:

We’re ending with two pieces that I absolutely adore, and are on entirely different ends of the boudoir shoot spectrum. These Bijoux Indiscrets cuffs are strong and sexy, and can be worn as avant garde bracelets in public. If you’re looking for something vintage and sweet, these Miss Numa gloves are just sheer enough to be modern while showing the vintage lady inside yourself.