Last week, we talked about some fun underwear ideas for your upcoming boudoir photoshoot. To complement that post, today we will showcase some fun bra ideas so you can feel your sexiest on your special day.

Sexy Lace

Before we get into padded, lifting, push-up, wireless,strapless, corsets, and the like, let’s start with some basic, sexy styles; like lace. There is something so simple and lovely about lace (maybe it’s a tactile thing?) and it’s hard to go wrong with this look. Just find a color and fit that works for you and the possibilities are endless!

The Push-Up (And, Or, Padded)

When in doubt, push it up!

If you are looking to add a leetle bit of extra umph and bounce to your “girls,” a simple and satisfying way is to invest in a push-up, padded, or lifting bra. The right fit will look natural and won’t have that gap between your natural parts and fabric (too big) or that little roll that happens when the cup size is too small. Push-up bras are definitely a lot of fun for a photoshoot as you might feel extra sexy with the added flesh enhancement.

Push it good!


The Heart-stopping Corset

The corset came up in the panty review as well, because it’s as much a brazier as it is for your derriere:) The corset might be a little advanced for your first shoot, but ambitious and brazen ladies need not take heed; it’s a classic, super sexy look that helps enhance and minimize in the best places!



Artsy and Fun

There is no limit to what you can wear for your photoshoot – it’s all about what you feel comfortable and sexy in. Why not think outside the box and go for something totally unique and original?

In fact, why not go here:



The style you wear for your photoshoot is completely up to you, and there are so many options out there, it pays to spend time getting the outfits that you want. Remember to have fun with it, and to wear what makes you feel the most beautiful! Even if you are totally doing it for your partner:

Anything goes!