Much like apparel, music has the ability to completely transform my mood. Depending on the artist and genre I can feel relaxed, dominant, completely energized, playful, sad, you get the idea.  Sticking with last week’s post about how to prepare for your shoot, I realized I left out a very crucial element–the music!  A pin-up theme  or inspiration could be extended even further with some retro music, played right out of a jukebox, or even a specific artist that brings you back to that time period.

Some genres are easier to specify than others–although the pin-up era technically started in the 20’s, it continued and flourished throughout other decades.  From Elvis, to The Supremes, to even today’s Ting Tings, this is a great example of not limiting yourself.  After all, it’s whatever works best for the model to make her (or him) feel their best.  Thinking about pursuing the pin-up theme?  My favorites vary between a completely instrumental pieces from the 50’s, channeling my inner Bettie Page, or the more retro route with the Hairspray soundtrack.


Maybe a specific theme isn’t what you’re looking for though, if it’s just a personality you’re trying to embody, or need a little help getting in the mood, music is a quick fix for that as well.  If your wardrobe for the shoot is feminine and girly, a softer type of music will put you in the romantic frame of mind.  I can picture Adele’s soft tones going well with a set like this.

Or for a complete opposite vibe, sexy and powerful can be summed up by pretty much any of today’s pop-artists.  The Madonnas, Britneys, and Nicki Minajs of the music industry who perform in that same sexy and powerful way will likely have music that you can relate to.  Try any of the previous’s latest hits and you’ll also feel ready to take over the stage.

If you’re going for the fun, light-hearted, candy-coated persona, Katy Perry instantly comes to mind.  All of her albums feature upbeat pop hits that have a little less focus on the domineering sexual tones found with Spears and Minaj, and instead always leave me with the toe-tapping, jumping-on-your-bed, energy.  Doesn’t she look equally sexy and adorable?


Whatever look or personality you’re trying to portray, there is no doubt that there is a matching soundtrack.  If you don’t know where to start, check out sites like Pandora that organize different songs by genre so it takes the grunt work out of creating a killer playlist.  All you have to do is hit play, and let the photo shoot begin!