Previously we had done a blog on useful staple items to always have in your weekender getaway bag. While traveling, you definitely want to plan ahead so you’re not left without any essentials (always pack extra underwear!). But what about every other day? Days when you’re not on vacation, but just going about your everyday work/life routine? You’ll still want to make sure you have a couple essentials packed in your purse, trust me, you’ll be thankful you have them!

 Blotting Sheets

In the summer, it’s hot, it’s steamy, and depending on the type of transportation you use, you may look one way when you leave the house, but a complete other way when you arrive at your destination. Public transportation is notorious for assisting women in ruining their makeup, or whether you have a car with no air conditioning, or a bit of a walk ahead of you, always make sure you have some oil-blotting sheets tucked away. These are tiny and compact but they definitely get the job done, keeping you fresh for wherever life takes you next.

 Tinted Lip Balm

Tinted lip-balm is another must-have. In the winter we’re battling dry and cracked lips, but in the summer we want to keep them moisturized and protected from the sun. Choose one with built-in SPF, and by having it tinted means you can skip the extra layer of lip color from gloss or lipstick. I’m loving the tulip color of the Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment with SPF 15.


 This one seems simple, but carry a compact and tweezers with you. Checking your make-up in natural lighting after you leave the house can definitely help you see if you need to blend your bronzer or foundation better. And we’ve all noticed that stray eyebrow hair even though you just got them done (so annoying!). Even though they are little things nobody else will notice, it may end up driving you nuts for the rest of the day, so these two little gadgets should always be on standby.

Dryer Sheets

This has definitely happened to me before, you’re in a rush and leave the house, and it’s not until you’re almost to work that you realize you have deodorant stains on your shirt. Not a look you want to wear all day. Keep a pack of dryer sheets in your car’s glove box–not only will your car smell awesome, but rubbing a dryer sheet on the affected fabric will remove the stain! Dryer sheets are one of my favorite beauty hacks, since they eliminate static from hair, and absorb oil as well. This means they’re perfect for blotting sweat on other parts of your body and leave you smelling laundry fresh.

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Whether it’s running straight to a party after work, running into someone unexpectedly after the gym, or just trying to avoid looking and smelling like the subway, carrying the essentials and knowing a couple handy beauty hacks will prove to be a life saver.Su