So I promised I’d talk a bit of what I’ve learned from starting up my Kickstarter.

An Interracial photo project

Showcasing the portraits of 25 interracial Bay Area couples

I’m right in the middle of it at this point with only 12 days left.  It’s been such an interesting learning experience and I wish I knew a bit more when I first got my Swirl project going. A few tips:

1. Research the people who may be interested in your project BEFORE you start.

It’s a good practice to put a list together of people you want to reach out to before you even start. Reaching out to people before the project even begins will save you a lot of time during the funding period.

2. Research different niches who may be interested in your project.

I was a little stuck thinking about just friends and families who would be interested. But  I soon realized that there are bloggers, podcasters, FB pages, and others who may be interested in sharing your project with others.

3. Put the word out. A LOT

I’m still working on this one. There is a fine line between spamming and getting the word out as much as possible. People use Twitter, their personal FB pages, their Business Facebook pages and more.  I need to do a lot more with getting the word out and am starting to use tools like Hootsuite to schedule posts.

4. Consider a FB ad

If you’re like me and don’t fave a ton of fans, consider putting up a FB ad and target the audience who would be ideal to your project. It doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money and you can test it out to see if it works. I’ve got a lot of interest by doing a couple of ads like this.

That’s it for now! I just wanted to share a few quick tips with you in hopes hat it may help other newbies out there!

For information on my Kickstarter Project, Swirl; check out the details here!


Till next time!