what's the point of lingerie - black and tan bra laying on bed with flowers.

I couldnʼt help but overhear a conversation the other day: they were talking about how lingerie today doesnʼt fulfill a real purpose anymore. They mentioned that it used to be that bras and what not just held in the girls and were something basic to be worn under your normal clothes. Instead, nowadays there’s this whole new realm where everything is decked out with embellishments, bows, lace, even peep- holes. Pretty much anything goes. Upon hearing this, I was already imagining my favorite pieces and getting excited, but instead the women discussing it asked, “Whatʼs the point?” This lead me to think about the whole psychology of lingerie and why some women like it.


Obviously, not everyone is into lingerie


It was interesting to listen in on the direction their conversation took. I can understand why some folks wonder what’s the point of lingerie. Besides having a special occasion with your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse many do not see why your underwear should be so fancy, sometimes even nicer than the clothes you put on top of it! So I asked myself, whatʼs the point? Why do I sometime choose to spend money on fashionable undergarments?


Lingerie and undergarments are as diverse as outerwear


I came up with about ten different answers for each of those questions. There are a lot of ladies that are waaaay more into it than I am but when I think about my purchases they fall into a couple different categories.

I buy the products because sometimes I actually need that specific type of panty to wear with something (strapless, racerback, nude color, etc). Maybe my favorite bra that Iʼve had and worn for years has seen better days and I need a replacement. Soemtimes you’re overall bra size changes (hello to getting older, lol).

Or sometimes whatever I happen to be looking at is so cute, feminine, flirty, romantic, and/or sexy that itʼs too perfect to pass up.

And of course, as a boudoir photographer I find that showing off sexy undergarments in a boudoir session is the perfect excuse for buying new garments.You can do anything you want while wearing sexy undergarments: exercising, working, sleeping, going to parties. Where your sexy skivies anywhere you want!

What it boils down to is that while some see underwear as purely functional, others see it as a statement. After all, clothing started out as just being functional, but look how that industry has evolved. Underwear and lingerie went in the same direction, and just because not everybody sees it on a daily basis doesnʼt mean it should be neglected.

I could be wearing sweatpants and an old t-shirt, but I still feel feminine and sexy because my matching bra and panties are made of lace and bows. If Iʼm going to a fancy party and have a killer dress on, wearing my sexy lingerie underneath just shoots my confidence through the roof. I even have a friend who says that when she has to wear the same boring work uniform everyday, choosing her underwear in the morning is her way of still being fashionable. And thatʼs why I love doing boudoir shoots–what better way to feel awesome about yourself than to star in a photo shoot that aims to express you sexuality?


It’s a personal decision


Although this all started with me overhearing someoneʼs conversation, it raised a very valid point. I already have an appreciation for fashionable lingerie, but there are also many people who question why this industry has become what it has. But the real answer: Itʼs for the customer. Lingerie is something personal to each individual and can make you feel more confident, pretty, sexy, or you may just like the way things feel against your skin. It’s a completely personal decision.

And if it’s your thing and you’re into it: why limit everything to blacks, whites, and nudes; straps, or strapless; briefs, or thongs? We clearly have functionality covered, so even if thereʼs no scheduled “special occasion,” throw on the jewels, add a little oomph with a sexy push up, get a matching garter belt! Why? Because you can.

Letʼs be honest, a pretty (well fitting!) bra never made anyone feel bad about themselves right?

I donʼt think Iʼm completely alone in these thoughts, so tell me–when it comes to the psycology of lingerie: what do you love about it and what do you not? Why do you wear what you do?


Laquel Wright Photograpy boudoir image of women laying on ground looking up