With Valentine’s Day coming up, I’ve had lots of clients asking me how to give boudoir images to their significant other. Lots of women go with traditional choices like albums, but today I wanted to showcase some more out of the box ways to give the gift of boudoir.

Image via Melissap6908 on Etsy

The first way is pretty obvious: framed pictures. Picture frames are a great way to incorporate your decor or personal tastes into your boudoir gift. Boudoir photographers can generally do prints in any size, so take advantage of it by getting a series framed rather than just one. If you’re thinking about going this route, ask your boudoir photographer about setting up a series of photos that would go together well.


If you’re looking for a vintage inspired gift, a pocket watch can be perfect for the right man. Your boudoir photo can be inserted into the watch for a stealthy and sexy touch.

Image via Nordstrom's.


Another great gift is a wallet with your boudoir photos already placed inside. He’ll be able to see your sexy pictures whenever he wants, while still keeping them secret in a classy wallet.